recently added.

You might have noticed the blog has been relatively quiet these past few days. I’ll avoid turning this into a political rant – let’s just say I’m upset and saddened. Because of that, I just didn’t have the energy to put together any posts lately.

Today I have another edition of recently added, where I’ll highlight a few new to the TBR pile books!

RoseBlood by A. G. Howard
Readers probably know Howard best for Splintered, her Alice in Wonderland-inspired series. I honestly didn’t realize she had written other books until typing this post! Turns out she not only has a story in Slasher Girls & Monster Boys, but she also has a new series that just started in August: Haunted Hearts Legacy! RoseBlood is a modern day retelling of The Phantom of the Opera and I am SO there! This doesn’t come out until January, but the few early reviews I’ve come across have been excellent!

Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood
Oh Phryne. Like everyone else I recently became utterly hooked on Miss Fisher, an Australian Jazz Age murder mystery series. When I was a bookseller I saw this series (it’s crazy long – twenty books!) come in constantly, but never gave it a second thought until after. Of course. Brb while I weep over the money I would have saved with my employee discount!

Fates and Traitors by Jennifer Chiaverini
In September Jennifer visited my local bookshop as part of her tour for Fates and Traitors. Fun fact: her husband is actually from my town! I had no idea! Last year I read Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule and really enjoyed it – though is that such a surprise? Y’all know how much I love me some Civil War era novels! Fates and Traitors explores the life of John Wilkes Booth and four woman close to him. VERY interested in this one!


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