that weekend I fell in love with historical romance (+ I need your recs!)

Oh. My. God. I did something over the weekend that I have never done before: I read a historical romance novel. And you know what? I LOVED IT. It was one of those moments where I was just so tired of the books I already have (let’s ignore the fact that the majority of them haven’t even been read, okay?) and decided to see what was available at my library. I wanted something fluffy, something light-hearted and fun…and I got that and more.

When Beauty Tamed the Beast is actually the second book in Eloisa James’s Fairy Tales series. I came across it while browsing through lists on goodreads and found one all about Beauty and the Beast retellings. SAY NO MORE.

So what’s this one about? Linnet Thrynne is like something straight out of a Disney movie: her cheeks are always girlishly pink, the angels weep at the sound of her voice, you know the scene in Snow White where all the woodland creatures come up to her and just gaze adoringly? Yep. That’s our Linnet. She was the It Girl until her flirtations with the Prince, a dinner of spoiled shrimp, and an unflattering gown led to one massive rumor: Linnet was pregnant. Now the girl who had callers beating down the door has been completely ostracized from polite society, doomed to a life of spinsterhood.

The Earl of Marchant is moody and broody and, after a terrible accident as a child, is unable to produce heirs, something his family desperately needs. When Linnet’s father gets wind of that, he and the Duke (the Earl’s father) hatch a brilliant plan: because Linnet is believed to be with child and since Piers needs an heir, why, the two of them can get married! What could possibly go wrong?

To say I loved this book would definitely be an understatement. It was funny, swoony, charming. The romance is obviously key to the plot, but it’s not the book’s sole focus. There are other storylines intertwined and I tore through this book in record time!

HOWEVER, When Beauty Tamed the Beast pretty much opened the floodgates because now I have this whole new world to explore and I want to do nothing but read ALL THE HISTORICAL ROMANCE. Below are a few I’ve recently come across and want to read, but I need your help! RECOMMEND ME YOUR FAVORITE HISTORICAL ROMANCE BOOK/SERIES/AUTHOR!!

Duke of My Heart by Kelly Bowen
Captain Maximus Harcourt returns home from his latest voyage at sea to discover a naked earl tied to his missing sister’s bed. If that wasn’t bad enough, the poor man is also very dead. Harcourt has only one option: turn to Miss Ivory Moore, a woman working for a company known for being able to smooth over scandals. This one is the first book in the Season for Scandal series! The other two books in the series deal with a missing duke and an assassin!!

When the Marquess Met His Match by Laura Lee Guhrke
To be honest, it was the series title that initially caught my aeye: An American Heiress in London. UM YES PLEASE! When a scandalous, fun-loving, playboy of a marquess is cut off from his trust fund, he needs to find an alternate source of income, and what better way than to marry an heiress? The fourth book in this series, No Mistress of Mine just came out in August and although each book follows different characters, I still have some catching up to do!

Vice by Jane Feather
This is actually the eighth (and last??) book in Feather’s V series – each title begins with the letter V – and the oldest book in this post! The series started the year I was born eep!! A woman begins the week a bride and ends it a murderer. Not convinced anyone will actually believe her innocence, she runs…right into a shocking proposition from the Duke of Redmayne.

While the Duke Was Sleeping by Sophie Jordan
Adding this one to be To Read list was a no-brainer: I’ve read other books of Sophie’s and really enjoyed them! This one is the first in The Rogue Files series and actually comes out tomorrow, so this is brand new!Poppy is a shop girl who knows it’s silly to daydream about the Duke of Autenberry, but doesn’t feel her fantasies are causing any harm…until a wayward carriage nearly crushed the man. Poppy pulls him to safety and is soon mistaken for his fiance after the Duke falls in a coma. The one person who isn’t falling for it is the Duke’s gorgeous half-brother, the illegitimate Struan and he’ll stop at nothing to expose Poppy’s lies.

A Night to Surrender by Tessa Dare
From what I’ve seen, Tessa Dare is like THE historical romance author. Her Spindle Cove series is crazy popular and comes highly recommended by bloggers and friends! The latest book, Do You Want to Start a Scandal? came out last month and still has a hold list a mile long at my library (for both the print and e-book)! Because it’ll clearly be a while before I can get my hands on that one, I figured I might as well start at the beginning.

To Beguile a Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt
This is the third book in Hoyt’s Legend of the Four Soldiers series and another one I found on that Beauty and the Beast retellings list. After returning from the Colonies and scarred both inside and out, Sir Alistair Munroe has locked himself away in his castle. Helen Fitwilliam has been running from her past. This legendary beauty was once the talk of the town, only to now find herself outside a crumbling Scottish castle, seeking employment as a housekeeper and she’s not about to let a scarred man scare her away from starting a new life.

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley
This is another book that comes very highly recommended! It’s 1881 and the youngest Mackenzie brother, Ian, has spent most of his life inside an asylum. Beth is a widow who has recently come into fortune and decides to break away from the drama that has plagued her since childhood. She wants to travel and learn about art…but then she meets the Mad Mackenzie. Jennifer has come out and revealed Ian suffers from Asperger’s and I’m very curious now as to how he’s portrayed!

Love is Blind by Lynsay Sands
Whaaat, a standalone?! Yep! And apparently this one is pretty hilarious! Lady Clarissa Crambray is, well, blind as a bat. She’s constantly tripping over things, running into walls, and stomping on toes. Sure, her glasses would help, but she’ll never find a husband while wearing spectacles.

The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne
Victorian Rebels? Sign me up! Dorian Blackwell is ruthless and cold-hearted, seeking revenge on anyone who has ever wronged him, even if that someone is a widow. But Farah Leigh Mackenzie isn’t able to be taken captive and she holds a very powerful secret. This one is getting a ridiculous amount of praise and Byrne is churning this series out lightning fast: the first came out in 2015, then two more were published this year and a fourth will be following in February!


10 thoughts on “that weekend I fell in love with historical romance (+ I need your recs!)

  1. I totally second Courtney Milan! I reviewed Eloisa James’ memoir today. It is also wonderful. I also like Callie Hutton.

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