weekly wrap-up 10/9

↠ The highlight of my week? The new glasses I ordered came in!! SUPER nerd here, but New Glasses Time is like Christmas ♥

Baylor is every bit a 2-year-old. Yesterday on our walk she saw a squirrel run into a yard and plopped down in the middle of the road and refused to move ha

↠ A few nights ago, my group of ladies all got together for dinner and we wound up at a bookstore (we all met while working at a bookstore, so it’s no surprise we ended up browsing one!) Super nerd again, but I am a crossword puzzle fiend and spent a ridiculous amount of money to stock up on some books but I have never been happier! No lie – Rainy Sunday Crosswords has basically been attached to me since then! I love it.

READING REPORT Last week my total for the year was 142 books read with 99 female authors, 43 male authors. Today I’m at 147 books read with 102 females, 45 males.

WHAT I FINISHED Maria Padian’s Wrecked was the only novel I read this week and my review is linked below! Apart from that I’ve been on a comic binge: Kate Beaton’s Step Aside Pops is just as fantastic as her other work, the first volume of I Hate Fairyland was definitely interesting, Monstress was a HUGE disappointment and I won’t be continuing the series (though the art was downright gorgeous), and Tim Seeley’s Revival is by far the standout here. I’m not even into zombies, but this series has such an original and intriguing take that I immediately grabbed the next volume from my library!

WHAT I’M CURRENTLY READING I’ve been majorly slacking with my review copies and seriously need to get on top of them. I recently mentioned Nicci French’s Friday on My Mind and I’m hoping to not only dive back into it today, but finish it!

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Marian Padian’s Wrecked is a very topical and important read about a rape on campus. What makes this one different from other novels on the subject is that the story is told from outsiders, those not directly involved. There were a few issues I had (the romance plot made me more than a little uncomfortable, for example) but overall this one was really well done and adds to the conversation of what is/isn’t consent. I shared 4 (more) backlist titles for recent reads as well as 4 podcasts on heavy rotation. Finally, I ended the week with my September 2016 recap.


My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry
Newlyweds with a seemingly perfect life. Underneath, however, lies a deadly secret and the one person who can ruin everything is the sweet nine-year-old next door. I am ALL ABOUT psychological thrillers, especially when there’s a potentially ruthless child involved! Thank you, Pamela Dorman Books!

A Murder of Mages + An Import of Intrigue by Marshall Ryan Maresca
Urban fantasy y’all! Mages, magic, a seedy crime-ridden city. I am SO there. Thank you, DAW!

A Death at the Yoga Cafe by Michelle Kelly
Back in January I fell hard for the first book, Downward Facing Death and cannot wait to dive back into the series!! The main character runs a yoga studio/vegetarian cafe and has a hot new boyfriend. Things seem to be going great…until another body turns up. This series features breathing techniques AND vegan recipes and I love it! Thank you, Minotaur!

Boss Babes by Michelle Volansky
A coloring and activity book all about the ladies who rule the world! From Beyonce to Dolly Parton to RBG, this one looks like SO much fun! Thank you, Estelle + Workman!

Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones
A Labyrinth retelling, need I say more?! This book is going to be THE book to read next year and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak a while ago and was HOOKED. I’ve been pestering the poor publicist about this one and she was so awesome to send a copy my way!! Thank you, Thomas Dunne Books!

Love, Alice by Barbara Davis
A Southern novel about letters, loss, and forgiveness. Yep, a total Leah read. Thank you, Berkley!

A Bridge Across the Ocean by Susan Meissner
After WWII ends, a German ballerina and the daughter of a French spy board a ship to be reunited with their husbands in America. However, by the time they reach New York, only one will disembark. Seventy years later, a woman uncovers something that leads her on a mission to solve the truth about a decades-old tragedy. Thank you, Berkley!

2 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 10/9

  1. I totally agree new glasses is such a big deal! I love my glasses and yes – while nerdy – do feel like they give me a secret identity.

    Also, i can’t believe you have read 147 books this year! That’s amazing

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