september 2016 recap!


↠ You know how people say dogs tend to look like their owners? Well Bay and I unintentionally color coordinated on our morning walk.

I turned 28!

↠ Matt and I hung out at a harvest festival one afternoon. The temperatures were ridiculously hot and we were basically dripping with sweat by the time we were done!

↠ I was a LuLaRoe ambassador for the month of September and throughout the month posted photos of various pieces. The best was when my skirt wound up matching a book series!


AUGUST’S MINI-REVIEWS were a mixed bag of good and bad. Karen Romano Young’s Middle Grade novel Hundred Percent turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments of the year – I actually became ANGRY over this one! A single mother is who referred to (by adults and children) as a slut, an 11-year-old boy who told the MC multiple times she would “look good naked,” a child abuse plot that just doesn’t go anywhere…this one was awful. But then Sharon Creech swooped in with his latest, Moo, and all was right in the world. I also fell HARD for a New Adult (Erin Watt’s Paper Princess) and was pretty meh over Felicia Day’s memoir.

THE POSSIBILITY OF SOMEWHERE BY JULIA DAY had a premise that reminded me of one of my favorite books from earlier this year, The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You: high school drama where two rivals/the top student in their class go head-to-head and eventually fall in love. I love the rivalry-turned-romance trope and couldn’t wait to read this one. I’m sad to say it fell flat, though. The potential was there, but I couldn’t connect to the characters. The MC’s new BFF had me fuming and the romance was ridiculous.

THE SECRET INGREDIENT OF WISHES BY SUSAN BISHOP CRISPELL was a really fun and charming Magical Realism novel that I wound up reading in a single sitting. A woman has the ability to grant wishes, though she sees it as more of a curse than a gift. After a wish-gone-wrong, she leaves her hometown and finds herself in a tiny town in North Carolina where she discovers she’s not the only one with a secret. I gobbled this one up (pun totally intended) and would definitely recommend it to fans of Sarah Addison Allen and Karen Russell!

SNOW WHITE BY MATT PHELAN + AND THE TREES CREPT IN BY DAWN KURTAGICH were two quick mini-reviews. Snow White was a beautiful graphic novel with a neat take on the fairy tale: Jazz Age Manhattan! And the Trees Crept In was an excellent Halloween read about a blood red manor, trees that seem to be moving closer, and the legend of the Creeper Man. Kurtagich’s books are told in such neat formats: letters, diaries, interview transcripts, and this was no exception! So cool.

GOING GEEK BY CHARLOTTE HUANG was a fun contemporary that admittedly took a little while for me to get into. A super privileged girl suddenly needs to get a summer job after her movie producer mom can’t find the backing for her latest film. She thinks life will be better once she’s back at her elite boarding school…only to find out a computer error took her out of her beloved dorm and stuck her in the loser house, Abbot. While Skylar was a total snob the girls of Abbot House were AWESOME and I would love to be IRL friends with them.

THE CONFECTIONER’S TALE BY LAURA MADELEINE was a fabulous debut full of Parisian pastry shops, forbidden romance, and family secrets! A woman discovers an old photo of her grandfather’s with a message scrawled on the back: forgive me. This book was great and has been compared to Kate Morton who I adore!

MAX AT NIGHT BY ED VERE + THE STORYBOOK KNIGHT BY HELEN DOCHERTY were two storybook reviews and giveaways and oh my goodness they were both ADORABLE!

GIRL UNDERWATER BY CLAIRE KELLS was a title from 2015 that I just now read and really enjoyed. Definitely a hidden gem for sure! A girl, one of her swimming teammates, and three little boys are the sole survivors of a plane crash and must survive in the Rockies while they wait to be rescued. The chapters alternate between the present day and what happened when the plane crashed and I loved that. There were a few unanswered questions I had, but overall I thought this was an intense read.

SEPTEMBER’S MINI-REVIEW ROUND-UP! features six reviews from a variety of genres. There’s a cowboy rodeo romance that fizzled rather than sizzled and Rainn Wilson’s EXCELLENT memoir (definitely listen to it on audio!). Decca Aitkenhead’s tragic tale about watching her partner drown while saving their son should have been a heartbreaking read, and the Internet is SO right for going crazy over Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game! A Middle Grade novel about a transgender boy packed a hefty punch and a YA thriller was certainly a quick read but it had more faults than thrills.





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