4 podcasts on heavy rotation

When I’m not listening to audiobooks, I have a podcast going. I’m a huge podcast nerd and over the years I’ve discovered a ton of great ones (and some not so great ones…) This morning I wanted to share four I’m currently obsessing over!

You Must Remember This is a podcast about the Golden Age of Hollywood and I was immediately hooked. Karina Longworth pretty much does it all: narrates, edits, writes all the episodes and has had some pretty Big Deal guests featured like Wil Wheaton and Adam Goldberg. Since its debut in 2014, You Must Remember This has consistently been at the top of iTune’s film and general podcasts charts.

I think Old Hollywood was so, so glamorous and scandalous so this podcast is definitely my thing! The latest series ended in September and was called Six Degrees of Joan Crawford, covering her childhood (when she was still going by her real name Lucille LeSueur) to her Hollywood royalty husbands to her infamous feud with Bette Davis and Joan’s daughter’s equally infamous tell-all Mommie Dearest. I was hooked on these episodes and just about went crazy each week waiting for a new one! I HIGHLY recommend starting with the Joan Crawford series, but the podcast has also had series covering the Blacklist and stars during WWII.

If you’re a longtime reader of the blog you probably know I love a good crime thriller. The same is true for the tv shows/movies I watch and, apparently, podcasts. Casefile is an Australian podcast that’s devoted to true crime – some of the cases have been resolved, others have gone cold. Fun fact: the day I discovered this podcast, I did yardwork for two and a half hours just because I was so caught up in listening to these episodes that I didn’t want to stop!

What really sets Casefile apart from other true crime podcasts is that the cases featured are cases I’ve never heard of or cases that present a new angle than what we’ve heard a million times already.

Recent episodes have covered the Catholic Mafia, Jaycee Lee Dugard (when I was a bookseller her book sold like crazy!), the West Mesa bone collector, and a family murdered in the 1950s. The episodes cover cases from both the past and the present day and I can’t get enough!

This is probably the most well-known out of the four I have listed, but it’s still one of my absolute favorites. Since I started listening the show has cycled through multiple hosts, eventually coming to its current pair and I ADORE Tracy and Holly.

The podcast is about…basically what the title says: people, places, and events not covered in the broad, generalization of history classes. They’ve covered everything from science to shipwrecks to supposed paranormal events. Maybe I’m just a history nerd, but I’ve learned SO MUCH just from listening to these shows and Tracy and Holly are just plain fun to listen to.

Recent episodes have covered female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, Butter and the history/creation of Margarine, the Bell Witch haunting of the 1800s, and the New Orleans race riots of 1900.

Lore is another podcast I only recently discovered in the past month or so, but already I’ve powered through the majority of the episodes. This podcast is about true life scary stories and the tales are told in a campfire-esque way, making it perfect for this time of year! Episodes have covered hauntings and ghosts, strange disappearances, strange appearances, warlocks, you name it they’ve covered it!

In VERY exciting news, Lore recently announced there’s a television show in the works! Even more exciting? It’s being produced by the same company that does The Walking Dead!

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