4 (more) backlist bumps for recent reads

Back in August I shared backlist titles for authors I had recently read and today I’m back to share four more!

The Nobodies Album by Carolyn Parkhurst
June 2010

A bestselling novelist has just wrapped up her latest work: a book in which the last chapters of her previous novels have been rewritten to remove clues about a terrible tragedy that struck her family years ago. Just as she’s on her way to deliver the manuscript to her editor, she learns her famous, rock-star son has just been arrested for murder and she immediately races to his side, despite their years of estrangement.

The Nobodies Album includes those final chapters and contains hints as to just what happened all those years ago. What caused their estrangement? Was Olivia responsible for the murder Milo committed? Was there even a murder at all?

RECENT READ I couldn’t contain my praise for Harmony. A New Age-y “family camp,” a family struggling to care for their special needs child, a younger sister who knows she has to be “the good sister.” I LOVED this one.

The Hostage (Great Chicago Fire Trilogy #1) by Susan Wiggs
August 2000

October 1871. A massive fire sweeps through Chicago, leaving nothing but ashes in its wake while a daughter of a wealthy and powerful man refuses to marry. As the fire creeps toward the family’s mansion, an armed man hellbent on revenge grabs the girl and takes her to a small island where she comes to terms with her kidnapping.

Okay, this sounds ridiculously dramatic but I think it would be the PERFECT read on a cold, snowy night while I’m curled up with a mug of tea.

RECENT READ Family Tree introduced me to Susan Wiggs and I’ve been eager to read more!

Cradle and All by James Patterson
May 1980

Two young women, one in Boston and the other in Ireland, discover they’re both pregnant…yet they insist they’re virgins. With floods, famine, and desctruction happening all around the world, there’s definitely something going on – especially now.

A nun-turned-private investigator is hired by the Archdiocese of Boston to uncover the truth behind these two pregnancies and as she gets to know the girls, she realizes they’re both in grave danger.

Cradle and All is a reworking of one of Patterson’s very first novels, Virgin, so I guess in a way it’s its own backlist bump?? And there was ANOTHER version just released (the cover I used here) which is a YA reworking. I don’t know about you, but I think this one sounds super creepy and definitely suitable for Halloween!

RECENT READ I listened to The Murder House on audio and tore through it: a multi-million dollar house in the Hamptons (complete with its own private beach) comes with a deadly secret.

For the Record by Charlotte Huang
November 2015

After losing on a TV talent show, Chelsea’s dreams of stardom are over and she slides back into a normal, everyday routine in her hometown. That is, until she receives a phone call that turns her world upside-down.

Chelsea’s now the lead singer of a band that plays to sold-out clubs. Unfortunately, despite the band’s success, there’s still tension among its members and when a famous heartthrob sets his sights on Chelsea, the band completely skyrockets. But is the endless stream of paparazzi what Chelsea really wants?

RECENT READ Although it took a while for me to warm up to Going Geek‘s snobby, privileged MC, once I did I was hooked and would love to be IRL besties with the girls in Abbot House!


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