weekly wrap-up 9/25

↠ I think fall is finally here: when I woke up this morning the temperature was in the 40s! hahaha Baylor is not happy about having to wait for it to warm up a bit before we go on our walk!

↠ This afternoon there’s a LuLaRoe pop-up at my local coffee shop and I’m thinking about heading over to check it out. If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been posting some photos for my ambassadorship lately!

↠ Yesterday there was a humane society event in town and OBVIOUSLY Matt and I went. …unfortunately it wasn’t too exciting and the volunteers who were there didn’t even bother to speak to us. Sorry, Bay, no little brother or sister for you just yet. BUT while we were there we picked up some caramel apple popcorn and it was heavenly.

READING REPORT Last week I was at 132 books read for the year with 93 female author, 39 male authors. This week I was a reading fiend: 140 books read with 98 female authors, 42 male authors!

WHAT I FINISHED I don’t count storybooks, but since I participated in blog tours, I felt justified in adding two to my tally: Ed Vere’s Max at Night (a little kitten is SO SLEEPY and wants to go to bed but first needs to say goodnight to the moon but can’t find it!) and Helen Docherty’s The Storybook Knight (Leo would much rather read books than fight monsters but his parents insist that he go save a nearby village from a ferocious dragon). Both were adorable and my thoughts (and giveaways) are linked below! Kari Lynn Dell’s Reckless in Texas was just okay and I ended up skimming the final chapters. I wanted a fun and fluffy contemporary romance and it looked like a good pick: rodeos, cowboys, Texas, but I never became invested in the characters. M. G. Hennessey’s The Other Boy was an excellent Middle Grade novel about a boy Shane and how he’s been hiding a secret from everyone at his new school: he was born a girl. Check back next week for my review, I REALLY liked this one! Sally Thorne’s The Hating Game has been taking over the blogosphere lately and I had requested it from my library…and didn’t read it until the day it was due. Oops! Once I did I was hooked and ended up turning it in late. Totally worth the late fee. I thought All at Sea, Decca Aitkenhead’s memoir about the tragic death of her partner (while on holiday, their son nearly drowned and while Tony was able to save Jake, the waves ended up pulling him under and Decca was witness to the entire thing) would be far more heartbreaking than it turned out to be. On audio I wanted to listen to an engaging thriller and Jame Patterson’s The Murder House fit the bill and Rainn Wilson’s The Bassoon King was SO fantastic I tore through it in record time.

WHAT I’M CURRENTLY READING For once, NOTHING! Or, rather, nothing yet.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Laura Madeleine’s debut, The Confectioner’s Tale was lovely: 1910 Paris, a forbidden romance, a pastry shop, family secrets. An absolute delight! And like I mentioned above, I participated in the blog tours for Max at Night and The Storybook Knight and there are giveaways for both!

Stolen Beauty by Laurie Lico Albanese
I had actually contacted the publicist about a different book (keep your eyes peeled for that one soon!) and she suggested I take a look at this one as well. I hadn’t even heard of it until she brought it to my attention and man oh man it is such a ME book: 1900 through World War II, the creation and near destruction of one of Gustav Klimt’s masterpieces. The ARC has a gorgeous gold foil cover that is SO SHINY and the inside is just as stunning and I can’t wait to jump in! Thank you, Atria!

The Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth
Last year I read Hepworth’s The Secret of Widwives and surprisingly enjoyed it. She put out a new novel this year, though I have yet to read it, and The Mother’s Promise is due out in February. This one seems like a gut-punching novel: a single mother is dying, a teenage daughter is dealing with her own inner demons, and together with a nurse and a social worker, a chain of events is set in motion. Thank you, St. Martin’s!

Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain
I read this one last year and it tore me to pieces. I love Diane’s novels and HIGHLY recommend her! The paperback had a beautiful new novel and book club questions! Thank you, St. Martin’s!


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