weekly wrap-up 9/18

↠ Although my birthday was last week, the parties were this week. Happy birthday to me!

↠ Last night a tornado touched down a few counties away! All we got was some rain and an early morning rainbow…and immediately after I took this photo, it started to pour. While Bay and I were on our walk.

↠ In the beginning on the month I was chosen to be a lularoe ambassador for a lovely, lovely lady. Part of my duties is a regular posting on instagram and facebook and it just so happens that cozy sweaters go GREAT with leggings!

READING REPORT Last week my total for the year was 128 books with 90 female authors, 38 male authors. This week I’m at 132 books read, 93 of those are by female authors, 39 are by male authors.

WHAT I FINISHED Dawn Kurtagich’s latest, And the Trees Crept In is reviewed below, but it was fun and wonderfully creepy! Charlotte Huang’s Going Geek is also reviewed below and it was another fun, quick read that had fantastic characters I would love to know in real life. After months of waiting for my library hold, I finally got a turn at Noah Hawley’s Before the Fall and, while it wasn’t a life-changing book, it was extremely engaging and I finished this audio in just three days – practically unheard of for me! Finally, Laura Madeleine’s The Confectioner’s Tale was oh so lovely and romantic and Parisian. Be on the lookout for my thoughts next week!

CURRENTLY READING Years spent as a bookseller made me VERY familiar with James Patterson, though I had never read any of his books. One I’ve been curious about is The Murder House and when I saw the audio was available at my library I wasted no time in grabbing a copy. This is another one I’m getting through quickly, though that’s more of how Patterson writes – very short, action-packed chapters have you flipping the pages (or, in my case, going a little further on my walks with Bay)! I’m 71% done and will most likely finish before the weekend is over. I’m also reading my very first Nicci French, Friday on My Mind, a psychological thriller where the MC (a psychotherapist in London) becomes the prime suspect in a gruesome murder. I’m just a few chapters in but MAN OH MAN this is not a book for the queasy! I like a bit of gore in my murders and the opening scenes graphically describe a bloated body in the Thames. This is excellent so far.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Two mini-reviews went up this week: And the Trees Crept In (a blood red manor, characters who are slowly going insane, trees that keep moving closer) and Snow White (a Jazz Age retelling/graphic novel)! Naturally I had to post about Roald Dahl Day, especially exciting this year since he would have turned 100! I focused on three of his adult short stories. Lastly, Charlotte Huang’s Going Geek, was a total fish-out-of-water story: a rich girl suddenly finds herself without money and relocated to the worst dorm on her school’s campus. Although it took a little while for me to warm up to the main character, I absolutely LOVED Huang’s characterization of the rest of the girls to the point where I wish I could be irl besties with them.

Friday on My Mind by Nicci French
This is actually the fifth book in the series (they all have titles based on the days of the week) but the publicist assured me they could be read as standalones, so here we go! When a corpse, bloated with its throat slashed, is discovered floating in the Thames, police are at a loss. The only clue is the hospital band on his wrist with the name Dr. F. Klein. When Frieda is brought in to identify the body, she tells police he’s her ex-boyfriend and although she has an idea as to who murdered Sandy, fingers keep pointing to Frieda herself. I couldn’t help myself and picked this one up yesterday – I’m just a few chapters in but am enjoying it immensely! Thank you, Penguin!

Eleanor and Hick by Susan Quinn
I legit squealed when this showed up at my door. 1, it’s about Eleanor and y’all know I love my Roosevelts! 2, it’s about her friendship-turned-romance with reporter Lorena Hickok! I am going to inhale this book!! Thank you, Penguin!


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