a Jazz Age Snow White + a blood red manor.

Snow White by Matt Phelan
September 13, 2016

Manhattan, 1928. The glitzy, glimmering days of the Jazz Age are slowly dimming as the Great Depression rises over America. A young girl, Samantha White, has returned home after having been sent away by her cruel-hearted stepmother, the queen of the Ziegfeld Follies. Samantha’s beloved father, the virtual King of Wall Street, managed to survive the stock market crash only to suddenly die of mysterious causes as the stock ticker churns out strange messages: kill and more beautiful. And hidden away down dark allies wait seven young orphans, ready to leap to the defense of a snow white girl.

I love retellings. I love the Jazz Age. I love graphic novels. It was a total no-brainer to grab this one when I saw it and I’m not at all exaggerating when I say it took maybe 10 minutes to get through. Graphic novels obviously read much faster than novels, but Snow White had very little in the way of dialogue; this was more of a visual experience and I would love to see a finished copy! My version only had rough sketches though the print copy will have full color and the whole works.

As far as the retelling goes, it was clever! There really wasn’t anything new to the story, you immediately know that Samantha White is Snow, her papa will die, her stepmother is wicked. I did enjoy how the dwarves became seven street urchins though! When all is said and done, I liked this one, though I don’t have much to say here: it’s Snow White set during the Jazz Age. What’s not to like?

A HUGE thank you to Candlewick for providing me with an e-ARC!

And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich
September 6, 2016

Two sisters flee their home and wind up at their aunt’s door. La Baume is a blood red and imposing manor and, initially, things are great. Aunt Cath is loving and fun…until the day she tells little Nori the tale of the Creeper Man. With each day that goes by, Silla notices the trees are moving ever closer and the creaking she hears throughout the night doesn’t cease. As the days turn into months and the food is practically gone, Silla begins to wonder if maybe there is some truth to her aunt’s story, that maybe the long shadows and eyeless faces she sees are actually the Creeper Man himself.

Last week I discussed this one in a Recently Added post…and completely forgot I had put in a pre-hold at the library! It wasn’t until this past weekend that I received a notification saying it was waiting to be picked up. Whoops! Despite that, there’s something to be said when I have a book checked out on Saturday and before the weekend is over I’ve already read it – and have recommended it to my group of friends!

I really enjoyed Dawn’s debut, The Dead House and it’s very interesting format: diary entries, letters, interview transcripts and stills taken from camera footage. And the Trees Crept In also features the same epistolary format and I loved it, even more so once I realized there were hidden messages in some of the letters!

If you’re looking for a super creepy, intensely engaging read, look no further! My only criticism is with its early September release date: it’s a little difficult to be spooked when you’re sitting on your front porch in a tank and shorts. Reading this closer to Halloween would have only added to its creepy, haunting atmosphere!


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