weekly wrap-up 9/11

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Tuesday was my birthday and what a lovely day it was! My birthday was also International Literacy Day and I spent my evening reading comics.

↠ Yesterday Matt and I went to our town’s Harvest Fest/Vintage Fair and had a great time, despite the insane heat.

↠ I haven’t talked too much about this, but since the beginning of the year I knew a certain something was going to happen and despite all the time I had to prepare and come to terms it still felt like a blow so when it finally happened this week, I spent the day cuddling Bay.

↠ There’s a lularoe group I’m part of and when the consultant announced she was looking for ambassadors I thought it would be fun. I ended up being one of four ladies chosen and decided to put a bookish spin on my way of promoting: through books!

READING REPORT Last week my total for the year was 125 books with 88 female authors, 37 male authors. This week I’m at 128 books read with 90 female authors, 38 male authors.

WHAT I FINISHED Matt Phelan’s Snow White was a super quick read. It’s a graphic novel and reimagined to take place in 1920s Manhattan! I also finished Susan Bishop Crispell’s The Secret Ingredient of Wishes, a magical realism novel that I thought was fantastic and reviewed this week. I also finished the audio I was listening to, Laura Lippman’s Baltimore Blues, the first in her Tess Monaghan series.

CURRENTLY READING I completely forgot I had pre-requested Dawn Kurtagich’s And the Trees Crept In and was completely surprised when I was notified by the library that it was available! (More on the book below!)

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Susan Bishop Crispell’s The Secret Ingredient of Wishes was fun and charming and full of magic and Southern gentlemen~ If you’re new to magical realism, this book makes an excellent introduction and Crispell can easily hold her own against the genre’s big names! I also took a peek at my goodreads shelves and shared books I recently added.

And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich
Two sisters flee their home and wind up at their aunt’s blood red manor where creaks can be heard throughout the night, the trees seem to be moving ever closer, and the Creeper Man’s presence can be felt. Just like Dawn’s first novel, this one has a format that makes it a very quick read: burnt scraps of letters, poems, diary entries. I’m loving it!

All at Sea by Decca Aitkenhead
I have no idea what compelled me to request this memoir; I know it’ll break my heart. A journalist, her young son, and her boyfriend are all having a wonderful vacation in Jamaica when the unthinkable happens: her son is swept out to sea. Her boyfriend swims out to save him, but in doing so, drowns. And the woman was right there watching it happen.

Snow White by Matt Phelan
Manhattan, 1928. The glimmering Jazz Age is beginning to give way to the Great Depression. A cruel-hearted Queen of the Ziegfeld Follies, a beloved daughter sent away to school, the girl’s doting father who survived the stock market crash only to die a very strange death. I’ve already read this one and thought it was excellent! Check back next week for my review! Thank you, Candlewick!


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