weekly wrap-up 9/4

Bay and I were unintentionally color coordinated this morning on our walk and I didn’t realize until after we got home ha

↠ Earlier this week Gene Wilder passed away and immediately I knew something bad happened because I had a ton of texts and facebook messages when I left work. I usually don’t get emotional about a celebrity’s death, but his hit me hard and I cried on my way home. I’m sure other cities are doing tributes too, but Pittsburgh is having special showings of Blazing Saddles and Willy Wonka this weekend ♥

↠ Next week begins a new chapter of my life and it’s a little surreal that it’s finally here. Totally vague, I know.

READING REPORT Last week my book count for the year was 121 with 85 of those books written by women, 36 written by men. This week I’m at 125 with 88 female authors, 37 male authors.

WHAT I FINISHED I finally finished Felicia Day’s memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). It was a super short audio narrated by Felicia! I also (finally eek!) read an old netgalley grab: Karen Romano Young’s Hundred Percent, a middle grade novel that sounded great…but wasn’t. At all. Papa swooped in to save the day though with Philip Greene’s To Have and Have Another, a Hemingway cocktail companion. This book was really fun and neat – it goes through drinks Hemingway enjoyed and wrote about in his novels and each drink listed comes with ‘selected reading,’ chapters or short stories where the drinks were mentioned. Lastly, I read Julia Day’s upcoming YA, The Possibility of Somewhere. ..eh. Overall, a pretty crappy week of books (excluding Papa, obvs!)

WHAT I’M CURRENTLY READING I’ve been waiting a few months now for the audio of Noah Hawley’s Before the Fall and I’m FINALLY next in line (!!!) so I’ve been trying to find other books to listen to while I wait and I noticed Laura Lippman’s Baltimore Blues was available. It’s the first in her Tess Monaghan series. I’m a little notorious for reading mysteries out of order (I’ve already read books eleven and twelve) and figured I might as well start at the beginning! Matt’s from Baltimore and he overheard part of the book one night and went into ragemode over the narrator’s version of a Baltimore accent hahahahaha. I’m also reading Susan Bishop Crispell’s The Secret Ingredient of Wishes, a magical realism novel I received last week. I’ll be participating in the blog tour, so be on the lookout for my review next week!

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? I recapped July and August and realized I read some fantastic books this summer! I also posted some mini reviews for August reads. I’m still EXTREMELY upset about Hundred Percent. Ugh. I also reviewed Julia Day’s The Possibility of Somewhere and what a disappointment it was.


The Other Boy by M. G. Hennessey
No lie, I legit SHRIEKED when I received this. Transgender middle grade, yes please!! Thank you, HarperCollins!

The Confectioner’s Tale by Laura Madeleine
I received an ARC of this one months ago, but this finished copy is gorgeous! Paris, a pastry shop in 1909, a hidden photograph discovered 80 years later with the words “forgive me” written on the back… this book basically has my name written all over it. Thank you, Thomas Dunne Books!

Iron Cast by Destiny Soria
Back in May, I featured this one in my 10 (more) upcoming releases I need to get my hands on post and eeeee I have a copy now! Jazz Age! Gangsters! Magic! Thank you, Amulet Books!

Hey Harry, Hey Matilda by Rachel Hulin
One of the downsides to being autoapproved by a publisher is that all self control flies right out the window. It also means I have an itch to read 2017 releases waaaay early. This book is told entirely in e-mails between twins Harry and Matilda. The pair have found themselves in a bit of a tough spot at Thanksgiving dinner (Matilda told her boyfriend her brother was dead and Harry is thinking about a desperate, scandalous move to save his career). This book instantly caught my eye and I’m really looking forward to diving in. Thank you, Doubleday!


2 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 9/4

  1. Before the Fall has a crazy long wait list at my library, so I imagine you are thrilled to almost have it in your hands (or in your ears)!

    Iron Cast sounds fascinating. It just may find a place on my tbr list.

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