August BarkBox unboxing!

Another month down, another BarkBox package! If you’re new to the blog, these are the posts that get turned over to my pup, Baylor. BarkBox is a monthly subscription service for dogs (!!) that comes in three sizes – small, medium, or large – and there are even allergy-free options for dogs with sensitive tummies. For an additional $9, you can add a premium toy. Bay is 50 lbs, which is the starting point for the large size and because she’s a very heavy chewer, I get the premium toy every month.

The best part of BarkBox is that they work with over 3,000 shelters and charities across the US and Canada!!

The August box is our fifth: our first box had a New york theme, our second was Country Fair, the third was the Great Outdoors, and the fourth was the Olympics. This month’s box is California Droolin’!


101 Sign $10 premium toy
A squeaky Route 101 sign! Bay is ALL about squeaky toys. It’s a good size and fuzzy and seemed to be really well made…unfortunately, like every other box, Bay managed to destroy it within the first hour.

Palm Tree $12
A giant palm tree with multiple squeakers and crinkly fabric! Again, it didn’t take long before the trunk was torn from the leaves.

Gustavo’s Avocado $14
I actually squealed when I saw this. Clearly Bay is my dog: she has her own avocado now! This toy has two pieces, the rubber avocado and a tennis ball pit. She loves it.

Beach Dog Bacon Squares $6
Made with bacon, tapioca, molasses, and rice, these treats are all natural and gluten-free! Bay’s a big fan of these and the only downside is the bacon smell gets everywhere.

Cowabunga Beef Kettle Chips sold out
These kettle chips are all natural and grain- and soy-free! They’re made from beef, chickpeas, sweet potato, pumpkin, apple, and other tasty foods. Maybe this is just me being a worrywart but I only give these to Bay when I’m there with her. The chips are a little large and very hard – I wouldn’t want her to choke.

Steak Chew $4
A big slab of steak that’s hand trimmed and slow-roasted for 3 days.


I say this every month: these boxes are adorable and Bay always gets SO excited to open her packages. Unfortunately, even with the $50+ value, I can’t continue spending money on these boxes when the toys are all destroyed the first night. It still baffles me how easy these are for Bay to tear apart – she’s not a big dog! There are dogs SO much bigger and I honestly can’t imagine them ever getting signed up for BarkBox.

Again, I wish there was a treats only option. The treats are always excellent and Bay loves every single one we’ve received. I would stick with BarkBox for the treats, but five months of instantly ruined toys is just too costly. I hate to say this, but I think this will be our last month. :(


5 thoughts on “August BarkBox unboxing!

  1. You should sign up for the heavy chewers Barkbox! My dog isn’t a heavy chewer so I can’t personally attest to how durable the toys are, but I hear it’s good… you can request this option from Barkbox and they send it to you at no extra charge. Also, they have a “Destroyers Club” which gives you money in your account if you post/send them pictures of the toys your dog destroyed!

    PS – I don’t work for Barkbox, haha… I’m just dog obsessed and love reading reviews :-D

    1. hahaha, oh we know ALL about the destroyers club! We’ve received a few discounts + money, which was awesome.

      This box was actually supposed to be the heavy chewers box! After last month’s debacle they sent me a DM on instagram and a follow-up e-mail saying we’d be bumped up to the heavy chewers, but I don’t think that happened!

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