weekly wrap-up 8/21

↠ Today my dad is the big 6-0! Happy birthday, Daddy! ♥

↠ Bay got her new BarkBox this week (review to come next week!) and she’s definitely my dog. One of her toys was an avocado haaahaha

↠ My brother has gotten me hooked on Vote Loki and I’ve been binging like crazy.

READING REPORT Last week I had read 116 books for the year with 79 by women, 36 by men. This week I’m at 119 books read, with 82 for the ladies, while the guys are still holding on at 36.

WHAT I FINISHED OHHHHH MAN Erin Watts killed me with Paper Princess! Going in I expected a fluffy contemporary with a hint of Kdrama, but I did NOT imagine reading it in a single sitting and then being crushed by that cliffhanger of an ending! The main character is definitely down on her luck, especially since her mother passed, and out of the blue a man who was friends with her long lost dad arrives at her school. He insists she’s going to move into his mansion with him and his five sons (yes, five) and well, hijinks ensue. Only there’s seriously a TON of drama and it’s just plain good. Thankfully the friend I borrowed it from had the second book on hand! I also read the awesome and super fun Tailored for Trouble by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff (my review below!) I think contemporary romance might be my new favorite thing. Lastly, I read the first volume of Lady Killer, a graphic novel about a 50s housewife who is also a hired assassin. Excellent.

CURRENTLY READING I’m only a few chapters into Shari Lapena’s The Couple Next Door, but so far so good! A couple goes to a small birthday party next door but leaves their 6-month-old daughter at home. When they leave they discover their front door is open and Cora is nowhere to be found. OOH. Apart from being insanely angry at the parents for leaving their daughter alone, I’m intrigued and have been aching to get back to it to know more!

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? I love when I break out of my comfort zone and give authors a chance when I assumed I knew just who they wrote for. Susan Wiggs’ newest, Family Tree was such a fantastic summer read and reminded me of a Lifetime movie: drama galore but oh so fun. I’m a little upset I swore off Susan’s works all these years and am looking forward to reading more of her stuff!! I also reviewed Tailored for Trouble, a contemporary romance that was totally addicting and full of fun banter and chemistry. I’m dying over the wait for the next book!

The Storybook Knight by Helen & Thomas Docherty + Max at Night by Ed Vere
I CAN’T HANDLE THE CUTE. I’m participating in blog tours for both of these and oh my goodness. A sleepy kitty up past his bedtime, a knight-in-training who discovers scary dragons like stories too. These two are beyond perfect. Thank you, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky!

Going Geek by Charlotte Huang
A girl who was supposed to have an amazing senior year surrounded by super cool people and the greatest boyfriend finds out she’s stuck in the worst dorm and complete strangers. A little white lie and one massive betrayal courtesy of her BFF and, well, Skylar is looking for a fight. I’m beyond excited for this one and a thousand kisses to the awesome publicist team for dealing with my ridiculous antics! Thank you, Delacorte!

Death of an Avid Reader by Francis Brody
This book is the 6th in the Kate Shackleton series about a WWI widow-turned-detective. Already I’m sold. This book is about a murdered body in the basement of a library and oh my I’m starry-eyed! Thank you, Minotaur!

Wonder Women by Sam Maggs
I lost my mind when this arrived at my door. It’s subtitled 25 Innovators, Inventors, and Trailblazers Who Changed History and I am ECSTATIC. There are women of all races and ages and from all over the globe and AAAHHH ♥!! Thank you, Quirk Books!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by JK Rowling
idk this is about a wizard or something??? Okay, so everyone is reading this and I honestly wasn’t too interested until Matt’s aunt threw her copy at me, so yay free book!


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