Tailored for Trouble by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Tailored for Trouble by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Pub. Date: August 9, 2016
Source: finished copy via publisher (Thank you, Ballantine books!)

Taylor Reed is no stranger to selfish, uncaring CEOs. She was fired by one, which is why she has created her own executive training program—helping heartless bosses become more human. So Taylor shocks even herself when she agrees to coach Bennett Wade, the cutthroat exec who got her unceremoniously canned. She’d love to slam the door in his annoying but very handsome face, but the customers aren’t exactly lining up at her door. Plus, this extreme makeover will give Taylor the golden opportunity to prove that her program works like a charm.


Bennett Wade is many things—arrogant, smug, brusque—but trusting isn’t one of them. Women just seem to be after his billions. So when he hires Taylor Reed, he has no desire to change. Bennett is trying to win over the feminist owner of a company he desperately wants to buy, but something about the fiery Taylor thaws the ice around his heart, making Bennett feel things he never quite planned on. And if there’s one thing Bennett can’t stand, it’s when things don’t go according to plan.

They are a match tailor-made for trouble.
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Taylor Reed is the black sheep in a family of overachievers. The daughter of a former NASCAR driver and a famous actress, sister of an award-winning vintner and a surgeon, Taylor has recently been fired by a heartless, cruel billionaire and has been struggling to turn her misfortune into a living. With the launch of HumanitE, Taylor hopes to help teach CEOs and big wig executives how to come down from their high horses and gain a better understanding of their employees. Things seems to be going fairly well until the day she receives word that Bennett Wade is interested in her program. Bennett Wade, the ruthless, horrible, a-hole who had recently sent her packing.

Her first instinct is to refuse, but her pitiful bank account could seriously use the $50,000 he’s offering…plus this could be her big moment. Either her program could change Bennett into an entirely new person, or she could use it to her advantage and make him look like the pompous ass he is. What Taylor doesn’t know is that Bennett isn’t all that interested in her program; he is however interested in winning over the owner of a company he wishes to buy and needs Taylor’s help. Unfortunately for them, things don’t exactly go according to plan.

OH MAN, this was fun. That’s it, review over. Seriously though, this one arrived totally unannounced at my door and I couldn’t have been more eager to dive in. I’m still a newbie at all things contemporary romance, but the moment I started Tailored for Trouble, I was hooked. The fact that this is the start of the Happy Pants series should tell you a little something about its content, but this one is definitely not for the innocent! You know the emoji of the monkey covering its eyes? Yeah that was basically me reading this book, but with more giggling and tee-heeing.

Pamfiloff struck gold with these characters. Taylor was sassy and fierce, Bennett was a damaged jerk with a past and the banter between these two was an absolute joy. The chemistry was off the charts and watching as they finally admitted their feelings for one another (and the uber embarrassing mishaps along the way!) had me turning pages in record time.

My only issue with this book is that is fails miserably at the Bechdel test. Taylor’s two BFFs are great characters, as are the other females in the book, but any interaction focuses on one topic: Bennett. Griping about Bennett, swooning over Bennett, swearing off Bennett forever, praising Bennett’s accomplishments, coming to the aid of Bennett’s company, etc. However that didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the book.

Tailored for Trouble is a novel that randomly appeared at my door one day and I’m SO glad it did. Summer and contemporary romance go hand-in-hand and the banter between the two leads went a long way in helping to pass a miserably hot and humid week! I’m a little appalled I had never heard of Pamfiloff before – she’s got a ton of books under her belt. That’s a good thing for me though, since the second book in this series doesn’t come out until next year. If you’re in the mood for a ridiculously fun read, do yourself a favor and check out Tailored for Trouble!


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