weekly wrap-up 8/14

↠ This week was Bay’s adoptionversary!! ♥

↠ We have a dog bakery in town so obvs I bought her a treat – this was the same bakery who made her birthday cake back in February!

↠ One of my sisters and I had a lunch date and I took her to one of my favorite cafes. She wasn’t too thrilled when we first walked in (to be fair, they gave us a seriously awful seat) but once our food arrived she was SOLD.

Salud is bae.

READING REPORT Last week I had read 113 books for the year, 76 written by women, 36 written by men. I’m currently at 116 books for the year with 79 written by women, 36 still for the men.

WHAT I FINISHED Rena Olsen’s The Girl Before (my review linked below) was so disturbing and chilling but I enjoyed it immensely. Family Tree was my very first Susan Wiggs and I had a great time reading it! It read like a Lifetime movie with a crazy amount of drama (woman discovers she’s pregnant and goes to tell her husband only to walk in on him and his costar getting it on and promptly leaves…only to have a piece of filming equipment fall on her head and put her into a year-long coma and when she wakes she realizes that not only is she now divorced, but she’s back in her hometown in Vermont) and very convenient resolutions to problems. THAT SAID, I liked it a lot. I also listened to the audio of Ruth Ware’s The Woman in Cabin 10. It wasn’t quite as intriguing as I had hoped, but that’s mostly due to the book being overhyped.

CURRENTLY READING I literally just started Ali Shaw’s The Trees, a magical realism novel where a forest springs up in a city overnight. Kind of terrifying and a little dystopian but I’m interested!

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? B. A. Paris killed it with Behind Closed Doors, one of my only 5 star reads of the year! There are so surprises about what’s in store: this is a perfect marriage on the outside only, but the true depths of Jack’s depravity are straight out of nightmares. I absolutely loved this one and believe the hype. I shared Bay’s adoption story for our one year with her. Finally, Rena Olsen’s The Girl Before was another fantastic novel. This one involves abduction and human trafficking, so it’s clearly not going to be for everyone, but I was hooked from the first page.

Wedding Bell Blues by Ruth Moose
I received the first book, Doing It at the Dixie Dew back in 2014 and wasn’t overly impressed. This new series about a Southern bed and breakfast was just okay, a pretty average read, and I admittedly forgot all about the book! I’m a little surprised it took Moose two years to write the sequel, but I’ll probably check it out – cozies are a guilty pleasure of mine and the first book was an extremely easy read. Thank you, Minotaur!


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