one-year adoptionversary!

One year ago today Matt and I adopted Baylor and I never shared the story of how she came into our lives!

The house we were renting had a strict no pets rule and Matt always promised that when we bought our own house I’d be able to get a dog. WELL. That’ll teach him to stand in the way of a girl and her pup! We closed on our house July 28, 2015 and two weeks later we were both bored on a Saturday and I threw out the idea of looking at dogs.

I’ve always had a dog and the few years we were renting was the only time in my life I didn’t have a pet. Matt, on the other hand, only had a dog as a child and, since then, has been pet-free (which is totally mind boggling to me!) I know some people find a breed they like and stick with it, but the pups in my life have been every size, every color imaginable: Husky, Lab, Australian Shepherd, a Chihuahua/Cocker Spaniel mix, etc. I’ve always wanted a Wishbone, though, and a Jack Russel shot straight to the top of my list. Matt, however, wanted something big, and that Saturday he actually called a store about a mastiff puppy. SIDENOTE: as much as I would have loved a mastiff or basically any dog bigger than me, I am VERY against pet stores and refused to even look. Instead, I talked Matt into looking at a local shelter.

Animal Friends is a Pittsburgh shelter that’s not far from us. We checked out the dogs on the site and found a dog we were both interested in. His name was Oakley and he was a 3-year-old Retriever mix. We were both super excited and called immediately to give them a heads up we were on a way to visit.

You know those moments where it seems like a higher power takes over and steps in? Animal Friends is about a twenty minute drive from our house and we had just called them about Oakley. Well, the moment we walked in the door, we saw Oakley walking out with his new family. Obviously we were both baffled and a little disheartened, but we decided to check out the other dogs anyway, though I honestly wasn’t expecting to see one I liked.

And here’s where that destiny/fate moment happened: we walked into the kennel and there was Bay. She jumped up and licked our hands but I was a bit hesitant. Bay is a pitbull mix and until seeing her, I had never been around a pit and completely believed each and every stereotype movies and the media put out there. Matt, however, was absolutely smitten and since there was another couple looking at her too, we went to talk to the employees to schedule another visit and ask about a possible adoption.

UNFORTUNATELY we were told Bay wasn’t going to be available for another month since she was going to be part of a class for kids to learn basic commands. Excellent for her, but a little nerve-wracking for us since that other couple wanted her too. Again, though, you don’t stand in the way of a girl and her dog, because a few phone call later, Animal Friends reached out and said they would be more than happy to adopt her out to us.

A few days later we brought her home and I’m not at all joking when I say she completely changed my world. Nervous about pits, remember? Almost immediately I realized how ridiculous that is and now I get upset whenever someone makes a rude comment. No lie – Bay is the friendliest dog I’ve ever had: she absolutely loves to meet new people, especially kids, and I’ve lost count of the people who have come up to say hello while we’re out walking. Seriously, if you want to meet your neighbors, get a dog. I’ve actually had a couple yell down from their balcony for me to wait a moment because they wanted to pet Bay. :)

As I’m typing this, she’s napping (we go for a long walk in the morning, then she comes home to nap while Mama gets to work) and even though she somehow climbed onto the counter to steal an entire chicken a few weeks ago, I love her to death and can’t imagine a life without her ♥

One year down and a million kisses to go!

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