weekly wrap-up 8/1

↠ From now on, the end of July/first few weeks of August will be such a flurry of celebration! Last week I mentioned it was the one-year aniversary of buying our home! Matt told me we could get a dog once we bought a house and, well, you don’t stand in the way of a girl and her pup because a week after closing, we went to our local shelter and – I’ll go into detail next week – we ended up with Baylor ♥ She actually wasn’t even the dog we were going to look at, but it was one of those moments where everything definitely happened for a reason and I’m so, so glad things turned out the way they did! One year ago yesterday we met Bay and this Thursday will be our one year adoptionversary!!

↠ Yikes, earlier this week the blog turned 5! Happy blogoversary to me!

↠ My cousin is now a LuLaRoe consultant and I recently scored my unicorn. Sharing my love of fries loud & proud!

↠ This wrap-up is a little later than usual because earlier this afternoon Matt and I went to a peach festival at our favorite orchard!

READING REPORT Last week I was at 110 books for the year with 73 of those books written by women, 36 written by men. This week I’m at 113 books read with 76 written by women, still 36 by men.

WHAT I FINISHED Since finishing K. A. Tucker’s Burying Water, I’ve been on a New Adult kick and grabbed Samantha Young’s Echoes of Scotland Street on audio. A chance encounter brings Cole and Shannon together as teens. Years later, the pair meet again, only this time, Cole is Shannon’s boss and she realized that, no matter how good looking, she cannot go for yet another bad boy type. Predictable, but oh so fun and it’s 1. set in a tattoo parlor and 2. set in Scotland. Hello, accents! This is actually the fifth book in the series, but each book revolves around a different couple – it looks like Shannon’s brother is the lead in another book and I just might have to grab that soon! I also devoured another Agatha Christie: Lord Edgware Dies. My only physical book read this week was Carolyn Parkhurt’s phenomenal Harmony. My review (plus a giveaway!) can be found below!

CURRENTLY READING I’m tearing through Rena Olsen’s The Girl Before and am loving it. It’s crazy fast and each chapter alternates from now (with Clara being detained in a ward until she agrees to give the agents information) and then (when she was a young woman being groomed for a high profile client of Mama Mae and Papa G’s. It’s highly disturbing and deliciously addictive.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Although Leaving Lucy Pear didn’t live up to my super high expectations I still enjoyed it – a wealthy woman and a working class Irish caretaker are brought together because of the baby one gave up and the other raised. If only a few of the unnecessary story lines would have been cut, I think I would have enjoyed it far more. For my blogoversary, I wanted to highlight my favorite kind of read: backlist titles. I ended up sharing a few backlist bumps for recent reads. Lastly, Carolyn Parkhurt’s brilliant Harmony. I got a little rambly in my review and was surprised by just how much I ended up enjoying that book! Gorgeously written, spat on characterization, beautiful voice – I could go on and on. I’m currently doing a giveaway for this one!!

Paper Princess + Broken Prince by Erin Watt
So that New Adult obsession I mentioned above? One of my friends just so happened to be reading Paper Princess and I just so happened to mentioned that it’s on my To Read list. Let’s just say she’s insanely awesome and ended up letting me borrow both of these books and I cannot wait to dive in!! This series sounds like the makings of a Kdrama: a poor, trying-to-make-ends-meet girl finds herself being plucked from the streets and moving into a sprawling mansion with five boys. Who hate her. Especially Reed. I’M SO EXCITED.


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