July 2016 BarkBox unboxing!

Today the blog gets handed over to Baylor for our July 2016 BarkBox unboxing! If you don’t know, BarkBox is a monthly subscription for your pup!

Each box is themed: our first box was New York, our second was Country Fair, and our third was The Great Outdoors. There are three sizes depending on your dog’s weight and for an additional $9 a month you can add a premium toy! There are also allergy-free boxes for those pups with sensitive tummies. :)

Best of all is that BarkBox works with over 3,000 shelters and non-profits across the US and Canada!


Our theme this month was World Chompians, an Olympic-esque box. There was even a punch-out gold medal included to stick to your dog’s collar. Too cute!

Just Chew It Turkey Jerky $7
Turkey jerky! These all-natural chews are made in the US and are grain-free. Bay loves these – maybe because they’ve very smelly. Not in a bad way, but in a way that leaves your hands smelling like turkey!

Gold Medal Dog Snacks $6
Another all-natural, grain-free (as well as gluten- and soy-free!) snack. These are lamb and cheddar flavor and Bay’s a big fan of these too!

Liver Chew $4
In each box there’s one individual snack and these are the ones Bay devours first. She LOVED this chew! This crunchy beef liver chew is made in the US and is grain-free.

I-Vanna-Not-Fall-Ova $14
This gal features a squeaker (and we all know Bay loves her squeaky toys!) and rope arms. It’s also stuffing-free which is a huge plus for us, since she likes to tear apart her BarkBox toys. This toy is a bit heavier and hefty – unfortunately the arms didn’t last very long.

Dog Paddlin’ Dave $10
Oh, Dave. Poor, poor Dave. His full-body squeaker and crinkly limbs didn’t stand a chance against Bay. This toy is adorable and hilarious, but he was the first to be destroyed.

Hairy the Torch $12
This Olympic torch has it all: rope, nylon, AND a squeaker!


Again, EXCELLENT theme with a ton of adorable items. Unfortunately, once again the toys were almost immediately destroyed. 18 minutes after unboxing Bay managed to rip apart Dave’s legs – and this was our premium toy! 1.5 hours after unboxing two toys were destroyed. The following morning the torch was down to a stump. Yet again I’m disappointed with the quality and durability of these toys – especially since Bay isn’t all that big! We get her the large size which is for dogs 50lbs and up. She’s only 50lbs. There are dogs WAY bigger…I can’t imagine their toys would last any longer.

THAT SAID BarkBox actually reached out to me and provided me with a coupon for a free toy, so I’m excited for that!

I mentioned last month that a treat only box would be perfect for us. As much as Bay loves these toys they just don’t hold up!


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