June 2016 recap!


↠ We celebrated our 10-month adoptionversary!

↠ I shared a throwback pic for Father’s Day!

↠ I (finally!) went to our local sushi bar and hollllly it was good.

↠ I became obsessed with LuLaRoe! That pattern is my favorite so far, but I also have a few solids as well as kiwis and whales!

↠ I made Baylor her own instagram account because I am that dogmom: baylorthebrindlepittie

↠ I started using my Bible app again and am actually looking forward to each day’s reading!

↠ My sisters had a joint graduation party and everyone had a blast.


JUNE BY MIRANDA BEVERLY-WHITTEMORE is a gorgeous, sprawling saga set in small town Ohio and digs up secrets from the past when a woman discovers she’s the inheritor of an Old Hollywood legend’s fortune – he claims she’s his granddaughter. This book is beautiful and gorgeous and charming and our current #BookClubFix pick!

UNDER THE HARROW BY FLYNN BERRY is a fantastic debut that follows a woman as she 1. discovers her sister has been brutally murdered and 2. sets about solving the case on her own as she becomes increasingly wary and distrusting of the police. Fans of unreliable narrators, this book is for you!

THE SPACE BETWEEN SISTERS BY MARY MCNEAR is very much a beach read. Two sisters who have grown apart spent the summer in their childhood cabin as they slowly repair their broken relationship.

AMY SNOW BY TRACY REES is another phenomenal debut that will be showing up again soon on my Top Reads list! I couldn’t stop gushing over this incredible novel: a baby is discovered in the snow on the grand of a grand estate. The daughter of the estate essentially takes the baby under her wing, much to the dismay of the Lord and Lady, and the pair become as close as sisters. When the daughter dies, the orphan is all but instantly thrown out – but not without a secret letter stashed away that sends her on a magnificent treasure hunt full of secrets and new beginnings. I adored this book.

MINI REVIEW ROUND-UP includes contemporary romance full of bad boy mechanics and two HIGHLY buzzed-about thrillers!

NEVER MISSING, NEVER FOUND BY AMANDA PANITCH is a great follow-up to her debut novel. A girl who had been kidnapped as a child and held captive for seven years has finally been set free and is trying to pick up the pieces of her life and find her place in her family once again. A summer job, however, has her questioning everything. I knew going in there would be a twist and HOO BOY WAS THERE. This one is perfect for a rainy day or a lazy afternoon – I was hooked!







3 thoughts on “June 2016 recap!

  1. I’m so glad to hear you loved Amy Snow. I have that one waiting for me in my giant stack of upcoming reads.

    Your dog is a cutie! Happy Adoptionversary!

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