weekly wrap-up 6/26

Our Saturday nights are less drunken revelry and more furry snuggles and alien movies and I’m totally okay with that ♥

↠ Yesterday morning wasn’t too shabby either – I met up with a friend at the farmers’ market and we spent a few hours wandering in and out of the shops downtown. So, so fun! (And of course I had to introduce her to Salud!)

↠ I recently started a few plans on my bible app and I’m absolutely loving them! They only last a few days – the longest one I’m currently doing is a week – and consist of a devotional and a daily reading or two. It just takes a handful of minutes every day but makes a world of difference in my life.

READING REPORT Last week I was at 93 books read for the year with 60 books written by women, 33 written by men. I’m currently at 94 books read, 61 by women, 33 by men. It was a suuuuper slow week for me in terms of reading – just one book finished what!

WHAT I FINISHED Megan Miranda’s All the Missing Girls (my mini review linked below!) was good and engaging but seriously took a lot out of me.

CURRENTLY READING After that monster of a thriller, I needed something light and fun and grabbed Drew Barrymore’s Wildflower from my library. It’s not quite a memoir, more a series of linked stories about her life, but she reads the book and listening to her makes me feel like she’s sitting in the room with me. There’s something so open and inviting about her and it truly seems as though we’re sitting at the kitchen table over a pot of coffee and she’s telling me these crazy stories about her childhood or how she finally convinced Adam Sandler to team up with her to make a movie or about her beloved pets.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? The blog was turned over to Baylor on Monday for our June BarkBox unboxing! Just like the other boxes we’ve had, the theme is ADORABLE and the toys are cute but rarely last the day. I wish they’d have a treat-only option – Bay would be all about that! I also shared a few mini reviews, including a contemporary romance and two thrillers.

The Devil’s Evidence by Simon Kurt Unsworth
This arrived completely unannounced this week. It’s actually the second book in the Thomas Fool series, the first being The Devil’s Detective. From what I understand, this series is part thriller, part crime, part sci-fi. Thomas Fool is an investigator in Hell and there are demons running rampant and (from what reviews are saying) an incredible amount of world-building. Interesting! Thank you, Doubleday!


2 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 6/26

  1. 94 books! :o

    I’ve been eyeing the Barrymore memoir audiobook, but I wasn’t sure if it’d be interesting/funny enough to hold me. I do kind of want to hear about how she tallied Adam Sandler into working with her though cause you’d think it would be the other way around.

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