June’s mini-review round-up!

Test Drive by Marie Harte | June 7, 2016

Webster’s Garage is home to men with checkered pasts, now on the straight and narrow. Johnny Devlin is a total charmer – and definitely no angel – but when the girl he’s had a crush on for ages is assaulted in the parking lot of the local bar, he doesn’t hesitate for a second before rushing to her side. Despite the countless times Lara has rejected Johnny, she asks him out on a date as a way to say thank you, that’s it, nothing more. Naturally Johnny can’t say no, but with a childhood full of hurt that he’s still carrying, will his past come back to haunt him or could this finally be the new beginning he’s been searching for?

Summers are for brain candy and Marie Harte’s new series fits the bill perfectly. Before you even open the book you know exactly how things will play out and how it will end, but the ride was so fun and pure escapism that I didn’t mind one bit. Alternating between Johnny and Lara, each chapter digs deeper into what makes these characters tick and they were remarkably fleshed out for a romance novel! Not just the two main characters, but the minor characters as well – the garage is full of big personalities and I adored every single one. I have a copy of the second book, Roadside Assistance, which follows another of the boys, and I’m looking forward to diving into it!

A HUGE thank-you to Sourcebooks for providing me with an e-ARC!

All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker | July 12, 2016

Fairview, Connecticut is the quintessential picturesque town, full of soccer moms and white picket fences where nothing bad ever happens. Until the day it does. After Jenny is brutally attacked and raped at a party, her parents make the decision to give her a new and highly controversial drug to erase her memory of that night. As the weeks and months go by, Jenny seems to be healing just fine on the outside. Inside, however, she’s emotionally torn apart. She knows something happened, but with no memory, she can’t connect the dots and it’s tearing her family apart. Her father is hellbent on finding the person responsible while her mother prefers to spend all day at the country club pretending everything is perfectly fine.

The second this book arrived at my door I immediately began reading. That was back in March and I RARELY read books that far in advance! Needless to say, this one is good and is worth every bit of buzz and hype it’s getting. The story itself is told through a psychiatrist and there were moments where I became a bit frustrated with his “but more on that later” and “if I only knew it then” type comments interspersed throughout the narrative. THAT SAID, I really enjoyed this book and can see it easily becoming a book club favorite – there’s definitely a lot of heavy-hitting subjects to discuss!

A HUGE thank-you to St. Martin’s Press for providing me with an ARC!

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda | June 28, 2016

Ten years ago, Nicolette’s best friend Corinne disappeared. In a tiny town like Cooley Ridge, everyone knows everyone and it wasn’t long before rumors started – the pregnancy test that was found, the abusive father, Corinne’s utterly reckless nature. Nic left town not long after, heading off to college and eventually became engaged to a hotshot lawyer. With her father’s health declining, however, Nic’s brother asked her to help with selling their childhood home to go toward the medical bills. When Nic returns it’s as though she stepped into a time machine – places like Cooley Ridge don’t change; Travis is still the boy she fell in love with years ago, her name still brings back memories of a missing girl. When another person from her past goes missing it doesn’t take long before the past comes back to life and suddenly Nic is thrown into the middle of an investigation once more.

What’s neat about this book is that it’s told backwards over a two-week period. You start with Day 15, slowly circling inward to ground zero at Day 1 when Annaleise disappears. Right from the start I had my guesses as to What Happened (not just to Annaleise, but to Corinne as well) and I have to admit, Megan Miranda dropped some SERIOUS twists that I wasn’t expecting at all! I’m extremely impressed with her masterful leap to Adult – until now she’s only written YA novels (my review for The Safest Lies) but she crossed over beautifully. All the Missing Girls is definitely a novel to read in one sitting (with the backwards way the story is told, it’s SO easy to miss crucial details!) and is for sure one of THE books to read this summer!

A HUGE thank-you to Simon & Schuster for providing me with an ARC!

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