June 2016 BarkBox unboxing!

It’s that time again! Once more I’m turning the blog over to Baylor for our third BarkBox unboxing! For those of you who aren’t aware, BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your pup! Each box is themed (our first box was New York and our second box was Country Fair!) and features an assortment of toys, treats, and other goodies! There are three sizes to choose from: small, medium, and large and for an additional $9 you can include a premium toy! There are also special allergy-free boxes for pups with sensitive tummies!

Even better than all that though, is that BarkBox works with over 3,000 shelters and non-profits across the US and Canada!


This month’s theme is The Great Outdoors! The paper inside had a little map of Camp Belly Rub and all kinds of cute landmarks with dog-friendly names. I loved it!
Bungee Buddy Bear $16
This little guy features two squeakers (Bay’s FAVORITE) in its head and body, with a crinkly neck. He’s also part of BarkBox’s Destroyers Club, a special rewards-type program where you can earn new toys for your pup. Ahem… see below.

Panda’s Pocket Knife $14
HOW CUTE IS THIS?! It’s a Swiss Army Knife with a big ol’ squeaker inside. In the product info it says this toy is for heavy chewers and “even determined Destroyers will be challenged…” Keep that in mind.

Pawty Training Roll $12
This was our premium toy and features crinkly noises and velcro and a chewy tube inside. Other than the Kong we got in our first box, I’d have to say this is the BEST premium toy we’ve received so far! Last month’s was destroyed almost instantly and I hate the thought of spending the extra money for a toy that won’t last more than a few days – Matt actually laughed out loud when he saw last month’s. BUT this one seems pretty sturdy (so far!)

Pig Ear $3
The first thing out of the box and the first that Bay went for :) It’s slow-dried and all natural – very crunchy too! Bay loved it.

Ducky Charms Trail Mix $8
This is an allergy-free snack mix made with American-sourced duck, cranberries, kale, blueberries, and honey. I think there might even be some dried apples and bananas too! Hahaha, apart from the duck, I’m kind of jealous of this trail mix – I’d totally eat it myself!

Pup Stream Snacks *sold out*
These are chewy biscuits made from salmon, apple, chickpeas, potatoes, tapioca, and flax seed! YUM. I love how soft they are and Bay really enjoys them too!


Yeah. We received the box Saturday. Saturday night the knife lost its fork. Remember how it said heavy chewers would find it a challenge?? Sunday the poor bear was decapitated. I understand that Bay’s a chewer – a lot of dogs are – but she’s not especially big, though she is VERY strong. She’s 52lbs, the small end of the Large size box (which begins at 50lbs.) There are so many dogs way bigger than her, I honestly can’t imagine how they have any toys from BarkBox that last more than an hour or two. This happens every month and the reason I continually opt for the extra toy.


Like always shipping was insanely fast and I adore this month’s theme. UNFORTUNATELY I’m becoming more and more frustrated with the quality of the toys. If I’m paying extra each month I want at least one toy that will still be in one piece by the end of the week. When I vented my frustrations last month I received an excited, playful response – as though these toys are meant to only last a day. Yes, I get that the Destroyers Club is a thing, but to spend this month every month for just a few hours of play is ridiculous.

I love this company and the work they do and Bay gets SO excited when the box arrives each month, but I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it. If there was a treats-only box I would be ALL OVER that! The toys, however, just don’t hold up.


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