weekly wrap-up 5/29

↠ We’ve officially skipped spring and have jumped right into summer! It’s been super hot and muggy this week – perfect ice cream weather! Does YOUR pup have a favorite flavor?? I’m always on the hunt for different brands to try with Bay!

↠ On Tuesday we held our second #BookClubFix chat, our book/tv club spin-off of #HistoricalFix! We discussed the first season of Reign and our book pick was Lyndsay Faye’s reimagining of Jane Eyre (with serial killers!), Jane Steele! I last read Jane Eyre in English class in 7th grade and HATED it, but enough time has passed to where I’d really like to give it another shot – especially since I received an awesome JS package from the publisher that included a copy of JE. :) No excuses now, Leah!

↠ My grandparents took an impromptu trip for Memorial Day and I’ve been house-/dog-sitting. So sorry to anyone sick of the endless puppy pictures. And by sorry I mean not sorry.

READING REPORT Last week I was at 75 books read for the year, with 51 written by women, 24 by men. I’m currently at 78 books read, with 53 by female authors, 25 by male authors!

WHAT I FINISHED The lone male author this week was the other man in my life, Roald Dahl, with the second of his autobiographies, Going Solo. Whereas his first detailed his childhood through graduation, Going Solo focuses on his time during WWII and it was VERY exciting! I also read The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich, which was an impulse e-book grab from overdrive. This super quick read was entirely told through diary entries, camera footage, and police interviews – I was never a fan of epistolary novels, but lately I’ve been all about them! Two decades ago a boarding school burnt down, taking the lives of several students and causing one to completely disappear. The suspect? A girl who supposedly doesn’t exist. I mentioned on GoodReads that this book wasn’t life-changing or one I’ll probably ever reread, but it was a fun way to pass the weekend. Lastly, I read the upcoming ♥ SHARON CREECH ♥ novel, Moo. Told in verse, this pint-sized tale follows a girl as her family moves to Maine and the cow she begrudgingly befriends. LOVE!

WHAT I’M READING I’m allllmost done with Hissing Cousins, a nonfiction look into the tumultuous relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Roosevelt Longworth. I adore this family, I adore this audiobook, and I’ll honestly be upset when it’s over. In print, I’m reading Miranda Beverly-Whittemore’s upcoming June, a dual-era novel about old school Hollywood, an inheritance, first love, and the house that’s at the center of it all. I’m still in the early chapters but I’m reminded of Eve Chase’s Black Rabbit Hall, one of my top reads of the year. In BRH the house was also very much the focal point and every bit as big a character. I also am knee-deep in a thriller, Sarah Ward’s In Bitter Chill, a novel about the reopening of a 30-year-old cold case after someone connected to a victim winds up dead, and am enjoying it – though I CANNOT forgive this glaring error. HOW HOW HOW DID THAT MAKE IT PAST THE EDITOR???

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? There was a double dose of YA thrillers – both fun, quick reads! I also took a look at 10 (more) upcoming novels I need to get my hands on! Are any of these books YOU want to read too??

A Deadly Thaw by Sarah Ward
So while I’m giving some MAJOR side-eye to the editor of the first book, I couldn’t help but ask for a review copy of this one: 15 years ago, a man died at the hands of his wife…only to turn up again very recently murdered. British police procedurals make my heart sing and I’m definitely looking forward to this one! Thank you, Minotaur!

Under the Harrow by Flynn Berry
This itty bitty novel (barely over 200 pages!) is one of my anticipated releases this summer and I squealed when it showed up at my door! When a woman discovers her sister’s murdered body, memories of a long-forgotten assault come back to the surface – with little faith in the police, the woman takes matters into her own hands and soon becomes obsessed with finding her sister’s killer. Thank you, Penguin!

The World Without Us by Mireille Juchau
If you have a bee on the cover of your book, chances are VERY good that I’ll read it! Six months ago Tess stopped speaking and no one knows why. From there, the novel takes a deeper look into the family and uncovers a world of secrets – where Tess’s mother goes everyday that leaves her wet and muddy; what happens to the family when Tess’s father discovers human remains on their property; the literal scars Tess’s teacher bears from a childhood spent on a commune. I love me some family secrets and this one is set in Australia!! Thank you, Bloomsbury!

FROM THE LIBRARY (not pictured OOPS!)
I’m in comic book mode again! I grabbed Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, the first two volumes of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and the first three volumes of Princeless!


5 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 5/29

  1. Squirrel Girl & Princeless are so fantastic.

    You’re kicking ass on reading! I think I’m at like 22 books for the year :( but my goal is a measly 52, so I guess I’m ahead of schedule. I miss the years of reading 100+.

    Have another great, summery week!

    • I am PUMPED! For a while I was on a superhero kick before realizing that, oh, I have other books to read (?!? what) and stopped grabbing things from the library. I actually completely forgot about these other series until I was purging some goodreads shelves and saw them – hahaha of course I lost all self control and demanded copies.

  2. We’ve had a lot of ice cream around here too. We try to make up good reasons, like a new place opening or celebrating something, but really it’s just too stinking hot!

    I am cracking up/standing in solidarity with your disbelief over the typo! How many people read through a book before it goes to print?!?

  3. I also feel like I need to give Jane Eyre another chance. I’ve enjoyed more modern books that draw on it as inspiration… still not sure I’ll be able to get past the 170-year-old language barrier, but I won’t know until I try!

    (Also, Squirrel Girl is the best.)

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