weekly wrap-up 5/22

↠ Yesterday was Sewickley Unleashed, an annual street fair/5K run that benefits the Humane Society! There’s a dog parade and costume contest and it’s always a blast – unfortunately it was pouring in the morning, so Matt and I didn’t do too much browsing. Instead, we stopped by the farmers market, loaded up on some goodies, and lunched at our favorite sandwich place!

↠ Other than that, this week has been super low-key and rainy: my favorite kind of reading weather! ♥

READING REPORT Last week I was at 72 books read for the year with 49 of those books written by female authors, while 23 were written by male authors. I’m currently at 75 books read, with 51 by women, 24 by men.

WHAT I FINISHED Interestingly enough, two books I finished this week were audiobooks: Terry Pratchett’s Dodger and Sharon M. Draper’s Stella by Starlight. Both were excellent and links to their mini reviews can be found below! I also tore through Megan Miranda’s The Safest Lies, a Panic Room-esque YA thriller. Check back next week for my review!

WHAT I’M READING Immediately after finishing Stella by Starlight I jumped into a new audiobook: Timothy Dwyer’s Hissing Cousins, an excellent nonfic about the turbulent relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Roosevelt Longworth. If you know me, you know I’m not only a big history buff, but I also adore Teddy Roosevelt (Mornings on Horseback was a 5-star read last year!) and am absolutely captivated by this book! I’m also reading Dawn Kurtagich’s The Dead House, which was a total impulse grab from overdrive and I’m enjoying it as well – lately I’ve become a fan of epistolary novels when I used to hate them. This one is told through e-mails, diary entries, and police transcripts so it’s a super fast read. Lastly, I’m reading the second of Roald Dahl’s autobiographies, Going Solo. Last week I mentioned I finished his first, More About Boy and loved it (obvs.) Boy only went up to the end of his schooling, with Going Solo detailing his time spend in the RAF during WWII.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Jessica Brockmole’s At the Edge of Summer is one of only TWO 5-star reads so far this year, so that should tell you how much I loved this one! World War I, France, art, a war-torn romance. ALL THE SIGHS. The blog was turned over to my pup for another BarkBox unboxing! This month’s theme was SO me and Bay loves everything inside! UPDATE: surprisingly, Gus is still intact (though that’s more because Bay hasn’t played with him as much as the others) while poor Dingo has sacrificed several limbs. :( Finally, I posted some mini reviews (both Dodger and Stella by Starlight are included in this roundup!) Mostly it’s all praise…but there was one book that was downright awful.

The Many Selves of Katherine North by Emma Geen
I received an ARC of this one a few months ago, but Bloomsbury was awesome enough to send a finished copy my way! New Adult, a research department that has their employees “jumping” – leaving their own bodies and inserting their consciousness into animals. I honestly don’t know much more about this book, other than there’s an ominous turn and suddenly Kit isn’t sure she trusts the Company anymore. Definitely looking forward to reading this one! Thank you, Bloomsbury!


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