unboxing our second BarkBox!

Last month I featured our first unboxing with BarkBox, a subscription box specifically for dogs! Each box includes treats, toys, and products like shampoos – they even have allergy-free boxes for those pups with sensitive stomachs! What I especially love is how they work with over 3,000 charities and shelters across the US and Canada!

If you’re new to how BarkBox works: you select a size for your pup (for Baylor I chose the Big and Bold option – 50+ lbs. for durable toys since she’s a little rough!) The box is $29.99 per month and for an additional $9 you can include a Premium toy.

Again, the shipping was crazy fast! I received an e-mail saying it was shipped out on the 15th (a Sunday!!) and it arrived Tuesday, the 17th! It was actually at my post office Monday, but the mail had already gone out that day, otherwise I would have received it then. The tracking info said the expected arrival date wasn’t until the 22nd, so holy moly.

This box’s theme was Country Fair and it’s clear Bay is SO my dog – sorry, Matt! I don’t know who was more excited this time, me or Bay! Just like our previous box, Bay received 3 treats, plus 2 toys and the Premium toy.

Butchers Block Bones: Krunchie Tube $3.00
100% beef trachea and the first thing Bay went for when we opened the box! I couldn’t find an accurate price since these are sold in packs, but I managed to come across a 7-pack for $14.99! And its name is no joke: these are VERY crunchy!

Nana’s Natural Chicken + Sweet Potato Jerky $8.00 *a BarkShop exclusive!*
We received two grain-free treats in this month’s box. These jerky strips are made with chicken, sweet potato, and rice flour and is wheat and gluten free.

Craft Dog Treatrty Donut Bites $8.00
Made this chickpea flour, cheddar cheese, and sweet potato, these soft & chewy donut bites are wheat and gluten free.

Slobbery Sunflowers $12.00 *BarkShop exclusive!*
Oh my goodness, these are the cutest!! The bundle is made of four individual sunflowers and it’s held together by a velcro bow. SO stinkin’ adorable! Even better? Each one has a squeaker (Bay is obsessed with squeaky toys) and has a crinkly material too.

Dingo the Scarecrow $12.00 *BarkShop exclusive!*
This little guy has a squeaky body and rope arms/legs perfect for tug-o-war! Bay’s already a huge fan of this one and I was really excited to discover this toy is part of BarkBox’s Destroyers Club. Bay is VERY rough with her toys (one of the toys we received last month didn’t last 30 minutes) so I’m curious to see how this one holds up!

Gus the State Fair Goldfish $9.00 *BarkShop exclusive!*
This was our Premium toy and the moment I opened it my heart sank. It’s incredibly cute, but does NOT seem like a premium toy at all. On the website it’s labeled as a toy for heavy chewers and I honestly don’t see it lasting long. I would love to be proven wrong! This one is squeaky too and floats, so it would be excellent to take to the pool or lake – if it lasts that long!

I’m loving this box even more than I loved our first, though, again, I’m a little concerned about the durability of some of the toys. On the plus side, the shipping is amazing and opening the box each month is every bit as exciting for me as it is for Bay! Also, with a value of $52, this box more than pays for itself!

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