unboxing our first barkbox!

I’m turning the reins over to my pup Baylor for this post! Since we adopted her in August, I’ve been wanting to sign up for BarkBox, a monthly subscription box for dogs that features toys, treats, and different dog products like shampoos. They even have an allergy-free box for pups who are allergic to wheat, soy, or have sensitive stomachs! The best part though? They work with 3,000 charities and shelters across the US and Canada!

My cousin recently mentioned on facebook that she had a free box code and I couldn’t resist! The sign-up process is pretty simple and straightforward – first you choose what ‘size’ dog you have. Although Bay weighs 45lbs I selected the Big and Bold size (50+) hoping the toys included would be more durable. She can be pretty rough with her squeakies and I wanted something that would last so I went with the biggest option. For an additional $9 you can include a Premium toy and because Bay is oh so spoiled, naturally I had to say yes :)

Once the box was shipped, I refreshed my tracking info every two minutes pretty much and each time DHL’s site said there was an error, so that was more than a little frustrating but BarkBox had sent my package Priority so I ended up receiving it last night and wasn’t expecting that at all! Thanks, BarkBox!

Now on to the goodies!!


The package arrived in a plain brown box that had BarkBox labeled on the side and super cute tape. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good picture because Bay was so excited she needed to help open it!


I didn’t realize this but each box has a theme! Our was New York and the inside paper was ridiculously adorable: it has little cartoon pictures of cabs and the Statue of Liberty with street signs saying Central Bark Ave, Metropawlitan Ave, and Barkefeller Center. So cute!

Bay received 3 treats: Caru Duck Baked Bites made with real duck, blueberries, and cranberries. She had one this morning and loved it! Bixbi Chicken Pocket Trainers with chia, blueberries, and cranberries. She also received a Butchers Block Beef Bully Chew which I barely got out of the box before it was gone ha!

Bay received 2 toys plus the Premium toy: Pawperoni Pizza that she instantly dove for, a Statue of Liberty squeaky head, and the Premium toy was a Sodapup can that’s made out of a hard Kong-like rubber with an opening at the bottom for treats (I’m thinking those chicken pocket trainers would be a great fit!)

The pizza and Statue of Liberty head are both squeaky toys which Bay loves – definitely daytime only toys! She goes crazy for anything that makes a sound and on the one hand I’m happy it’ll keep her entertained for a while but she has some we legit have to hide before bedtime because they’re so loud.


No lie, within a half hour this guy was destroyed. #RIPpizza. Seriously though, I was disappointed with this one. The toy itself was really cute but I was wishing for something that would withstand her play – especially for more than 30 minutes!


Despite the toy that was destroyed in less than an hour, I’m happy with our first box. The Priority shipping was an awesome surprise, the theme was too cute, and there was a nice selection of toys and treats. I’m glad I had that free box and I’ll probably continue getting BarkBox for at least a few more months but I feel like I need to opt for the additional Premium toy just so Bay will have something that lasts. She’s strong, but not overly big – I’m curious to see how the toys would hold up with dogs who are actually 50+ lbs.


11 thoughts on “unboxing our first barkbox!

  1. I recently lost my 60lb goldendoodle, but he never met a toy he couldn’t destroy in under an hour. Sometimes I would splurge on a expensive toy with 10+ squeekers and the he’d lose interest during the initial play session, before killing them all. He still loved his destroyed toys though.

  2. YES. I have been contemplating this FOREVER. It looks like a GREAT buy but I know that Maggie would have also absolutely DESTROYED that pizza toy! It is VERY hard to find things she can’t murder within minutes, which is why she has so many KONG type toys/tug o war toys. Anything else can’t handle her! But the treats you got in this box seem awesome! So glad you shared!!!! XOXO

  3. These pet subscription boxes are pretty neat! This post actually prompted me to check out a subscription box for my kitty. His birthday is coming up actually…

  4. I have always wanted to get this for my dogs but am always afraid that they won’t like the toys. As for destroying them, well, my dogs are the type who love the destroyed ones as much if not more than the whole ones. I am embarrassed by how many unstuffed toys are floating around the house, but they play with each and every one of them. Go figure.

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