weekly wrap-up 4/3

↠ How was your Easter?? We spent ours napping

↠ I’ve mentioned multiple times how much I adore Edgar Allan Poe. There’s a new theater being built in town and they recently held a contest – that I won!! I received two tickets to a college production called POE-try on Screen, two Emmy-winning directors showed two short films inspired by Poe’s works. It was so much fun and I didn’t realize this until the Q&A part, but the film crew is local! The movies were filmed in the area and had local actors too. Very, very cool. The two films they presented last night were The Cask of Amontillado (my all-time favorite Poe story!) and he Raven (Matt’s favorite Poe poem!) They’re currently working toward filming The Tell-Tale Heart which will be awesome.

↠ After the movies we stopped for ice cream at our favorite ice cream shop. They’re known for their twists and each week feature different flavors. This week’s twist is black raspberry and pistachio which is our FAVORITE. Deeelish! Of course I got mine sprinkled with nerds :)

↠ Last week I was at 52 books read, 34 by females, 18 by males. This week I’m at 55 books read, 35 written by female authors, 20 written by male authors. Once I finish my current read it’ll be 36 for the ladies, though!

WHAT I FINISHED Julie McElwain’s debut A Murder in Time was surprisingly addictive! An FBI agent somehow winds up traveling back to 1815 in order to solve a murder and man oh man I devoured it. Check back soon for my review! I also read Nicolas Barreau’s Paris is Always a Good Idea (check below for the link to my review) and also read Fermat’s Last Theorem, a book selected for me by one of my work buddies as part of a reading challenge we do. Ugh, math. Thanks, Ryan!

WHAT I’M READING I’m still working my way through Far From the Madding Crowd and, while I’m honestly enjoying it, I put it on hold for a few days because I went on a podcast spree. Sorry, Mr. Hardy! I’m also currently reading Lily Anderson’s The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You, a book I’m about 30 pages from finishing. Ridiculously cute and bursting with fandom references! My kind of read.

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Keri Smith’s The Wander Society was a super neat book that’s part philosophical memoir, part investigative journalism, part DIY manual. There’s a secret society she stumbles upon and Walt Whitman plays a key role. I ran a giveaway throughout the week and I’m excited to announce the winner is KIMBERLY! Congratulations!! Paris is Always a Good Idea was an easy breezy read that had me turning the pages – though there were some odd translation choices that pulled me out of the novel toward the end. I also recapped March.

Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift
I had never heard of this book before it arrived at my door but it sounds interesting! It begins in 1924 when a maid and the young man of the house begin a secret relationship. From there the story moves back and forth over 80 years and I’m kind of curious to see how it works since this is such a short novel – less than 200 pages! Thank you, Knopf!


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