March 2016 recap!

what I…DID

↠ March started off horribly with some terrible news, so lots of girl time was required and, while it didn’t make things 100% okay, I’m happy to say I’m in a much better place.

↠ That girl time? Some of it was spent at a gourmet wafflehouse and it was just as heavenly as it sounds!

↠ It was announced that Stephen King is coming to my town!! There was much flailing and squealing obvs.

↠ Spring finally arrived and the gorgeous temperatures kept me outside!

↠ I celebrated my mom’s birthday and posted a pretty awesome throwback picture in my weekly wrap-up post on the 20th!

↠ It’s not until May, but Pittsburgh is hosting a vegan festival and a bunch of my friends and I immediately began making plans! #squadgoals

what I…READ

IN REAL LIFE BY JESSICA LOVE was a light-hearted, fluffy novel about two online besties who finally meet in person…and things don’t exactly go according to plan. While this was an enjoyable read it wasn’t without its faults and the problems between the two main characters could have easily been avoided had they just communicated with one another. BORROW

THE LAST DAYS OF MAGIC BY MARK TOMPKINS is a fantasy debut heavily based in folklore and mythology. While the world-building was absolutely spell-binding, certains chapters were just too bogged down with minute details and read as more of a scholarly text than a fantasy novel. However, when it was good, it was great. BORROW

GIRL LAST SEEN BY ANNE GREENWOOD BROWN was a fast-paced YA thriller detailing the destruction of a friendship when two youtube sensations are torn apart by tragedy. Things really kick into gear once the remaining singer goes missing – and her former BFF is the prime suspect. The interesting premise wasn’t enough to make this one for me though, especially with the EXTREMELY CREEPY love interest (legit stalking is not romantic) and a horrible cop-out ending. BORROW

SEVEN WAYS WE LIE BY RILEY REDGATE could have been great – a school is rocked by rumors of a student/teacher relationship – but this debut author (who I believe is still in college..?) tried to do a little too much. She tried to be as over-the-top and dramatic as possible, resulting in a book that’s essentially a checklist of every Teen Issue she could cram within its pages. PASS

THE QUALITY OF SILENCE BY ROSAMUND LUPTON is a TOP READ OF THE YEAR. So, so good and while it wasn’t horror, there was a bleakness to the novel that gave me chills. After hearing her filmmaker husband was killed in a terrible fire that took out an entire village, Yasmin and her deaf daughter Ruby (hands down one of my new favorite characters of all time) make a long and lonely trek across the Alaskan landscape, through subzero temperatures and massive snowstorms…all the while being following by someone. BUY

THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF CINNAMON GIRL BY MELISSA KEIL sounded like it was going to be full of caped crusaders and epic battles after a youtube video announced the end of the world and the only safe place is a tiny little town in Australia. Instead, it’s a coming-of-age story that’s part novel, part comic. A month later and I’m still thinking about this one, particularly the amazing group of friends the MC has and the absolutely sweetest, fluffiest romance I’v read in a long time! BUY

FOOL ME ONCE BY HARLAN COBEN was my introduction to an author I had been hearing about for years. After this book I totally get why he’s been on bestsellers lists for ages and I’m kicking myself for waiting so long to read his stuff! A former special ops pilot returns home to tragedy: her sister is brutally murdered and, a few months later, she and her husband are mugged and he is fatally shot. It’s after the funeral that she happens to see something eerie on her nanny cam: her daughter is sitting on the couch…with her husband. The husband who was murdered a few weeks earlier. This novel FLEW and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. BUY

THE WANDER SOCIETY BY KERI SMITH is the neatest little book. It’s part philosophical memoir, part investigative journalism, part DIY. There are secret societies, tips for meditating, the author’s own stream of consciousness thoughts running along the margins, and stickers. BORROW

PARIS IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA BY NICOLAS BARREAU is a slim, easy breezy novel that I tore through. A postcard shop owner gets the surprise of a lifetime when a famous children’s author asks her to be the illustrator of his final book. Shortly after the book is released, an American professor starts accusing the pair of plagiarism. Though this was a quick and fun read, there were some very odd translation choices (this was originally published in Germany) that took me out of the story. BORROW



RECENTLY ADDED featuring some older titles as well as upcoming novels!

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  1. […] ↠ MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? Keri Smith’s The Wander Society was a super neat book that’s part philosophical memoir, part investigative journalism, part DIY manual. There’s a secret society she stumbles upon and Walt Whitman plays a key role. I ran a giveaway throughout the week and I’m excited to announce the winner is KIMBERLY! Congratulations!! Paris is Always a Good Idea was an easy breezy read that had me turning the pages – though there were some odd translation choices that pulled me out of the novel toward the end. I also recapped March. […]

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