weekly wrap-up 3/20: ADIOS, WINTER!

HELLO, SPRING!! (even though it’s currently snowing…)

↠ It was my mom’s birthday a few days ago, so of course I had to post that amazing throwback picture! ♥ I hope it was a good one, mama!

↠ So how I said it’s snowing? Earlier this week it was in the 70s and we spent a ton of time outside. There’s a meme going around facebook about how Pittsburgh is 80 in the winter and snows in spring and…yeah.

Last week I mentioned Stephen King is coming to my town and the bookshop still hasn’t announced any kind of ticket info and UGH YOU’RE KILLING ME.

↠ Last week I had 39 books read, 28 written by women, 11 written by men. I’m currently at 46 books read and, unfortunately because I’m still on my comic binge, 30 of those are from female authors, 16 are from men. :( Sorry ladies! I’ll be sure to make up for slacking off soon!

WHAT I FINISHED: all the comics I mentioned last week – the second volume of Thor (the female Thor series!) and three volumes of Loki: Agent of Asgard as well as Wendy Walker’s thriller All is Not Forgotten and Melissa Keil’s The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl (yay, Aussie novels! & my review for this one goes live tomorrow!) I also finished M.J. Arlidge’s Eeny Meeny on audio. After rave reviews I was really looking forward to this one (I’m also still on my thriller kick!) and I was a bit disappointed. It wasn’t nearly as intense or exciting or, well, thrilling as I had hoped, particularly when the way the killer goes about torturing the victims was so gruesome and devious. A friend also read this one and it wasn’t just me – she was let down by this one too. The worst part? She actually paid money for the book. #LibraryWin.

WHAT I’M READING: I’m halfway through Harlan Coben’s Fool Me Once and I’m pleasantly surprised by how readable it is! I’m hooked and I need to know the real story behind how a wife saw her murdered husband alive and well on their nanny cam. And how does it relate to her sister’s murder?? VERY addictive! Fun fact about me: I never sleep through the night. I don’t know why, but I’ve never slept through an entire night. This morning I woke up at 3:30 (groan) and couldn’t manage to get back to sleep so I pulled out the last of the comic I grabbed last week and dove in: Thor/Loki: Blood Brothers. My goodness, the artwork is GORGEOUS. It’s entirely painted and seriously something you need to see to understand. Simply beautiful. Big news, New Adult fans! I recently started my very first Colleen Hoover! Two friends at work love her and I know the blogging community does too. Curious, I grabbed Confess on audio and it’s a super quick read!

MISSED SOMETHING THIS WEEK? After only one book I’m now a huge Rosamund Lupton fan! Her latest, The Quality of Silence was excellent and my emotions totally ran the gamut! A top read of the year?? I also shared a few books I recently added to by TBR pile and flailed hard over 4 totally binge worthy shows!

Louisa by Louisa Thomas
So fitting that they share a name! I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this on the blog, but a guilty pleasure of mine is Founding Father biographies. Technically this Mrs. Adams was the daughter-in-law of a Founding Father, but tomato tomahto. I’m always surprised by how thrilling the ladies’ lives were – they definitely rival their husbands’! Louisa lived in Russia, England, and Prussia, and carved out her own identity from that of her family. I’m VERY eager to read this one! Thank you, Penguin Press!

Murder on the Hour by Elizabeth J. Duncan
Eep, this is the 7th book in the Penny Brannigan series! This mystery series is set in a tiny Welsh town and the filming of an Antiques Roadshow-esque show has Llanelen residents bursting with excitement. …until one resident winds up dead and another holds important family documents that might reveal why. I love cozies and this one sounds like fun! Thank you, Minotaur!

Arsenic with Austen by Katherine Bolger Hyde
A woman inherits a fortune from her great aunt and embarks on a murder investigation – and sets about confronting a former flame. Along the way, Emily reads Persuasion and discovers some odd similarities between her life and the events taking place in the novel. I’ve mentioned multiple times I’ve never read anything by Austen, but I love novels that use those classics and authors as starting points for original stories or reimaginings. I have a feeling I’ll get along with this book very well! Thank you, Minotaur!

The Wander Society by Keri Smith
Smith wrote the uber popular Wreck this Journal and now she’s back. When she discovered cryptic handwritten notes in a copy of Walt Whitman’s House of Leaves, she was curious and her research led her to uncovering the Wander Society, a mysterious group who follows a life code of unplanned exploration. If you’re familiar with her books, you know what to expect here: through the pages there are photos, snippets of those handwritten notes she discovered, and ideas for your own wandering. She discusses the importance of secrecy, meditation, and how technology factors in. She also provides some DIY projects: make your own notebook, sew a neck pouch, and how to carve a walking stick. This one is super, super cool (and aren’t those Whitman stickers the cutest??) Penguin graciously allowed me to hold a giveaway so keep your eyes peeled next week! Thank you, Penguin!

The Girl from Summer Hill by Jude Deveraux
I briefly mentioned this one earlier in the week in my recently added post! Now that spring is here I’m in the mood for fluffy contemporaries with light hearted romances. This one is a modern take on Pride and Prejudice (I seriously need to sit down and read Jane Austen, don’t I?) set in the mountains of Virginia. Thank you, Ballantine Books!

At the Edge of Summer by Jessica Brockmole
YAY A NEW NOVEL!!! This is from the author of Letters from Skye and the moment I saw this one on netgalley I immediately requested it. A 15-year-old Scottish girl is still grieving over her parents when she arrives at a beautiful French chateau. She instantly strikes up a friendship with the owner’s son, only to be torn apart when her grandfather descends upon the countryside. Years later Clare returns to France to help soldiers wounded in WWI and is reunited with a boy she once spent a summer with all those years ago. Okay so my summary doesn’t do this one justice I’m sure. But, look. It’s Jessica Brockmole. What more do you need? Thank you, Ballantine Books!


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  1. […] Part philosophical memoir, part investigative journalism, The Wander Society is a book unlike any I’ve ever read. In less than 200 pages it packs a hearty punch and truly left me inspired to go out and do some wandering of my own! GIVEAWAY TIME! The awesome people at Penguin have allowed me to do a giveaway, not just for a copy of the book, but Walt Whitman stickers as well! (for an idea of what the stickers look like, head to last week’s weekly wrap-up!) […]

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