weekly wrap-up 2/21

↠ Is anyone else experiencing super unseasonably warm weather?? Yesterday it reached 70 here in Pittsburgh and Matt and I took full advantage! Bay certainly enjoyed being outside too! Earlier in the week Matt unexpectedly had to buy a new car and what better way to break it in than go cruising around town – the best part though was that we discovered a new favorite lunch spot: The Village Melt. We had been to the restaurant before when it was a different sandwich place…and there was a reason we had only gone once. Now that it’s an entirely new place (new name, new owners, new menu, the whole works) we decided to give it a try and fell in love! I ordered the Green Goddess: pesto, avocado, creamy goat cheese, and a thick slab of mozzarella – YUM! Matt had the Castro, a pulled pork sandwich with swiss, mustard, ham, and a pickle. Delish! They also have doggy milkshakes too!

↠ I honestly never know how the weather will be here. Yesterday was a windows down kind a day, but a few days earlier we had a huge snow storm. I didn’t mind though, because I made banana bread! Yeah they definitely didn’t last long!

Poldark. I think I’m a fan ♥ I binged on half the season a few nights ago and am hoping to finish the rest before the #BookclubFix chat next week! Reminder for anyone interested! We’ll not only be discussing The Violinist of Venice, but we’ll also be talking about Poldark!

↠ From Smithsonian: an award winning photo. If you didn’t know I’ve been taking beekeeping classes, so anything bee-related is right up my alley! This is a magnified image of a bee’s eye and it’s very cool!

↠ I don’t want to say I’m in a slump, but ugh the books I’ve read this week haven’t exactly been the greatest. THREE DNFs: Snow White, Red Handed, The Witches of Cambridge, and Conversion. Even Agatha Christie wasn’t doing it for me: Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? was okay, but it sadly didn’t wow me like her others. Last night I finished Into the Dim and while I wasn’t as fiercely opposed to it as other early readers seem to be, it wasn’t amazing. The one novel I did read this week that I enjoyed was The Darkest Corners, a YA thriller set just outside Pittsburgh. I’ll be posting reviews for all of these so keep checking back!

Missed something this week? Michelle Gable’s I’ll See You in Paris was even lovelier than her debut! This dual era novel thoroughly sucked me in and held me captive the entire novel. Her books feature real events and people and I’m DEFINITELY going to be reading more about the Duchess of Marlborough! #HistoricalFix will be chatting with Michelle in April AND we’ll be having a giveaway for both of her novels! Fiona Barton’s debut, The Widow, was amazing, though I’m tired of every thriller being compared to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train. This one was absolutely addictive and I didn’t move from my seat until I was finished! I needed to know what happened. I also discussed ten (okay, eleven) upcoming novels I MUST get my hands on.

↠ As for books, I received just one this week, but man is it a doorstop: Amy Snow is just shy of 600 pages (and thankfully this one doesn’t come out until June because it’ll take me that long to get through it ha!) A baby is found lying in the snow at the door of an aristocrat’s mansion and is reluctantly taken in and raised (in large part due to the 8-year-old daughter’s pleading.) Amy Snow is despised by her adoptive parents, though beloved by her sister and when Aurelia dies in her early 20s, she leaves Amy a bit of money and a letter full of secrets that sends Amy on a treasure hunt across England. I’m all about historical fiction (and historical mysteries) and I have a feeling this book and I will get along just fine! Thank you, Simon & Schuster!


3 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 2/21

  1. I don’t know what our high ended up being on Saturday, but it was sunny and gorgeous and relatively warm out here in southern Wisconsin. Unfortunately, I spent most of the day inside. I am usually not an early spring fan, but the hint of warmer weather was enough to make me tired of winter.

    Amy Snow looks awesome! I hope it is as good as it looks!

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