unreviewed roundup + giveaway!

Dead Man’s Folly by Agatha Christie | 1956
I ended 2015 with a Christie novel and began 2016 with one as well. If you’re new to Hercule Poirot (or Agatha Christie in general) I highly, highly recommend listening to the BBC Radio full cast dramatizations. So magnificently well done! Dead Man’s Folly tells the story of a murder mystery dinner organized by Ariadne Oliver, a crime writer. Just before the production is set to start, however, Ariadne calls on Hercule Poirot for some expert knowledge…as though she knew something vile and evil was going to happen.

If it’s not obvious by now, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I think the world of Agatha Christie and couldn’t have been more thrilled to ring in the new year with her. While I definitely love diving down deep into her novels, the audio is perfect for when I have an hour or two to spare.

Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie | 1941
Poor Hercule. All he wants is to take a nice holiday. At a resort off the coast of England a famous actress is discovered strangled to death and, naturally, there are numerous suspects: the man she was carrying on an affair with, the stepdaughter who hated her, the woman in love with her husband, the wife of the man she was seeing.

As much as I love these books, I think Evil Under the Sun just might be my favorite so far – I mean, how could I not love Hercule’s sass?? Such an excellent book with a reveal that I truly didn’t see coming! I tend to avoid rereading mysteries, but I honestly believe Agatha Christie is an author I’ll be coming back to again and again (and again..) for years to come.

The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut | 1959
With just a few Vonnegut novels under my belt I’ve made the decision to finally read more of his work. The Sirens of Titan is about the richest man on Earth and a prophecy told by a space traveler. Vonnegut has his own brand of humor that I personally love and here he definitely steps up his game.

Only someone like Vonnegut could take a man stuck in space with his dog, three gorgeous aliens, a robot, a prophetic vision, and mind control and turn it into something that works and works remarkably well. Well I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this one to someone brand new to his novels, if you’ve already had a taste of his writing and are on the hunt for another book, The Sirens of Titan is just the one!

The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye | March 15, 2012
Talk about perfect timing! Last week I received an incredibly amazing swag package for Faye’s upcoming Jane Steele – total coincidence that I was listening to Gotham on audio! It’s the 1840s and New York has just formed its first police force. Tensions are high in the Irish community and after losing everything in a massive block-wide fire, Timothy Wilde finds himself with a new position thanks to his older brother. As the newest recruit, Tim’s sent to patrol Five Points, home to the most notorious slum New York has to offer. His first big case comes in the form of a tiny – and bloodied – ten-year-old girl.

You know those books that seem to only received five stars and the highest of praise? The Gods of Gotham is one of those books and, naturally, I was a little skeptical at first. However, a few bloggers (and authors!) I trust lavished this one with love and wonderful reviews and, I have to admit, I was hooked right from the start. Though there was a little more drama to this than I had expected (it has more depth than your average police procedural!) I’m thrilled to say I’ve found a new series to obsess over! Also, the narrator is fantastic.

Love in Lowercase by Francesc Miralles | January 26, 2016
A big thank you to Penguin for this one! Already a bestseller in the author’s native Spain, Love in Lovercase is now available in English! It’s New Year’s Day and Samuel, a lonely professor, doesn’t have high hopes for the year to come. ..that is, until a stray cat wanders up to his door and refuses to leave. Mishima opens a world to Samuel that he never thought possible – and in doing so, brings a woman into his life that he fell in love with as a child decades ago.

While I wasn’t overly in love with this one (translation issue perhaps?) fans of The Rosie Project will be sure to find a new home in its pages. Excited for this one? Penguin is offering one lucky winner a copy! Simply fill out this form and I’ll announce the winner Sunday, January 31! Good luck!


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