weekly wrap-up 1/17

↠ My heart was heavy this week and I’m sure I wasn’t alone. Between Bowie and Alan Rickman there wasn’t much to be happy about, but the one bright spot was Baylor’s 5-month adoptionversary. ♥

↠ Speaking of Bay, she’s a Valentine’s Day baby! She’ll be 2 next month and you better believe I’m planning a party. AND there’s a new dog bakery that recently opened up that I still need to check out.

↠ My cousin recently launched her very own magazine, Rust Belt Lifestyle. Very, VERY excited for this new journey (also, I discovered some shops to check out!)

↠ I rarely buy books these days (does that make me a bad book lover?) but I had some money left over on a gift card and caved. I fueled my Agatha Christie obsession:
Evil Under the Sun | currently reading this one and am loooving it + I can’t wait to see how Poirot cracks this case

Murder at the Vicarage | the first Miss Marple novel!

Murderers Abroad | a collection of five stories: They Came to Baghdad, Murder in Mesopotamia, The Mystery of the Blue Train, Passenger to Frankfurt, and So Many Steps to Death (originally published in the UK as Destination Unknown.)

I also ordered a collection of Hercule Poirot short stories, though it hasn’t arrived yet.

And I couldn’t pass up my favorite Evelyn Waugh novel! I originally read The Loved One back in 2013 and instantly fell in love. Since then I’ve been wanting to own a copy and when I found one for $1 I couldn’t resist. (also, why aren’t you reading Evelyn Waugh??)

I can’t feel guilty about buying these – my grand total came to $3. #likeaboss

In a shock to NO ONE, I stopped by to pick up a request that came in and walked out with something completely different. Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? was a good friend’s introduction to Agatha Christie and she had nothing but the best of things to say about this standalone!

Wild Wood by Posie Graeme-Evans because sometimes you need a swoony time-travely historical romance + this one was pitched as being for fans of Outlander. Sold.

Murder on a Summer’s Day by Francis Brody | this is the fifth book in the Kate Shackleton series – a WWI widow-turned-detective. I had received the fourth book, A Woman Unknown last year, but never managed to find time to squeeze it in. Maybe I can do a double-feature?? Thank you, Minotaur!

Not pictured, but I also grabbed an e-ARC of Mary Kubica’s Don’t You Cry! SO EXCITED! I still need to read The Good Girl, but last year’s Pretty Baby was such a wild ride. Thank you, MIRA!

↠ There was just one review this week, Martine Bailey’s A Taste for Nightshade. I was…conflicted. On one hand, when I wanted to sit down with this book and read, I had no problem getting into the story and tearing through hundreds of pages. That said, I often found myself bored and rarely felt like picking this one up. I was left with a LOT of questions and the review is so terrible – I got bored writing it halfway through. Eh.


2 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 1/17

  1. I just found you via a comment on Jamie’s page and decided to check you out. I’m going to follow you now. congrats to your cousin on the magazine. I’m going to check that out too. I have some reading to do now!
    I hope you’ll check me out and follow me too.

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