cookies, netflix, + book clubs: my life lately.

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↠ Did you have a lovely Christmas? I’ve talked about this before, but my family is half-Catholic, half-Jewish, so I rang in the holidays with my new dreidel cardigan! (A gift from Matt – he was vvv pleased with himself.)

↠ I finally broke down and ordered some Harry Potter fandom blend samples from Adagio Teas! The King (Ron Weasley) is absolutely delicious and has almond + apple chai notes (ahh! ♥) and Cunning & Ambitious (Slytherin) has a dark, spicy flavor definitely heightened by the peppercorn. I’ve added a ton to my wishlist and cannot wait to do another order soon! Even though I ordered right before Christmas, shipping was insanely fast.

↠ I don’t know if it was because of the holiday frenzy mercifully coming to an end, but I’ve been watching way more tv lately than normal! Matt and I binged on Making a Murderer (if you’re one of the 5 people who haven’t watched it yet, don’t be like us and start in the evening. We stayed up until 3am because we needed to finish!) It’s been a week or two since then and I’ve been pushing it on EVERYONE I know. I was infuriated, disgusted, disheartened, terrified, and so so saddened by the absolute injustice that was Avery’s trial. I cried more than once and could honestly go on and on about it. If you’re seen it, TALK TO ME. Now that we’ve finished, Matt and I have been on a true crime kick with podcasts like Serial and other documentaries.

↠ On a happier note, Sherlock!! Funny and snarky and absolutely everything I want. And for fluff I’ve been diving back into Bollywood movies. Ladies vs Ricky Bahl is completely bonkers but has oh so catchy songs.

↠ I’m going to be doing a more in-depth post later this week, but over the course of December, Matt and I had a meat-free month. Surprisingly, it was his idea. How did we do?? Did we fail miserably? Did we succeed? Are we feeling any different? Did we dive into a giant burger on New Year’s? CHECK BACK FOR MORE!

↠ As far as reading goes, my year has started off with a bang! I’m slowly working my way through Agatha Christie and couldn’t be happier to say that, not only did 2015 end with Hercule Poirot (The A.B.C. Murders), but 2016 started with my favorite Belgian detective as well (Dead Man’s Folly!) I also have another Vonnegut notch in my belt (The Sirens of Titan) and have started Lyndsay Faye’s The Gods of Gotham, a historical mystery series set in New York in 1845. SO many rave reviews for this one and although I’m only a few chapters in, I have to admit I’m enjoying it. And I started Downward Facing Death a cozy mystery set in a yoga studio. It also features vegan recipes. Oh. Yes.

DO YOU LOVE HISTORICAL FICTION?? Do you want to be part of a super awesome new book club? BAM, introducing the #HistoricalFix book club!! I’m beyond excited for this and I hope you are too! We recently announced our book pick and the discussion will be held in February, so you have plenty of time to dive in!

In case you missed it: I took a look at my stats and discovered female writers dominated my reading in 2015! To keep the lady love going, I highlighted 15 female writers I discovered in 2015. Of course I also listed my Top Reads of 2015 for the second half of the year (the first half can be found here.)


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