lately.. 11/29

↠ How was your Thanksgiving?? Mine involved puppies and a week of pet-sitting, but it was wonderful ♥ Do you have any family traditions? I know a few people who spend Thanksgiving putting up their Christmas tree/decorations.

↠ I recently went with a friend to a holiday preview party for one of my favorite shops. Guys there was WINE IN A CAN. I have found my people.

↠ November is birthday extravaganza in my family: we celebrated my gran and my cousin, my sister turned 24 (!!!) yesterday (and I posted one of my favorite throwback photos of us) and tomorrow is Matt’s! By December I’ll be 90% cake.

SPEAKING OF DECEMBER, Matt and I are doing a month-long challenge and I am SO pumped for it. I’ll be talking more about it next week, but I seriously cannot wait!

↠ This week’s book haul was an itty bitty one. I picked up the second volume of Rat Queens and immediately devoured it. SO GOOD. I also picked up Alison Weir’s The Princes in the Tower, a nonfic about King Edward V and his little brother Richard, Duke of York and whether or not their jealous uncle Richard III killed them. This one is surprisingly short (under 300 pages – including the bibliography and extra notes!) so I’m sure I’ll breeze right through it. You might have seen my tweet earlier in the week, but lately I’ve been craving a good series binge. I have a few others coming to my library, but I grabbed Library of Souls and am VERY excited about finally diving into these books! Not pictured is a e-book pick: Jodi Meadows’ The Orphan Queen, a book I know absolutely nothing about but it’s gotten some rave reviews from bloggers I adore.

↠ This week I reached book 121 of the year, doubling my yearly goal! The past few years I’ve broken 100 but always tell myself I’ll cut back…and wind up reading more and more. Whoops! I recently finished a few that I won’t be reviewing though I enjoyed them: the volume of Rat Queens I mentioned above, the first volume of Kazu Kibuishi’s Amulet series, and Emma Travayne’s The Accidental Afterlife of Thomas Marsden. All lovely and fun and worth checking out! This week I also finished Jackie Copleton’s A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding, a family drama showing the effects of the Nagasaki bombing from a Japanese perspective. Check back next week for my review! (Spoiler, I really enjoyed it!)

Whispers in the Reading Room was one of my most anticipated releases of the year and I’m so disappointed to say it was a huge letdown. And by huge letdown, I mean consider the Chicago World’s Fair Mystery series a duology rather than a trilogy.

↠ I also reviewed an old netgalley ARC, Sonya Hartnett’s The Children of the King, a WWII-era story that features a Richard III retelling (and the reason I ended up grabbing The Princes in the Tower!) While the story and especially the lyrical writing were fantastic, the main character was horrendous. Bummer.


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