Operation Return to Hogwarts: Year Two

Last month I made the decision to reread Harry Potter, something I hadn’t done since 2007. I went into the first book half deliriously excited, half absolutely terrified – what if these books that were such a massive part of my childhood didn’t hold up as an adult? While I certainly noticed some things I hadn’t all those years ago, I’m so thrilled to say Sorcerer’s Stone was just as magical as I had remembered (and I’m cringing a little at just how little I remembered!)

So I decided to do a mini-series called Operation Return to Hogwarts. These won’t be reviews. Instead they’ll basically be my thoughts, things I remembered, parts I completely forgot, anything I feel like talking about when it comes to each book.

Right after Sorcerer’s Stone, I immediately jumped into Chamber of Secrets. I never – never – read series back-to-back, but this time I just couldn’t wait to get back to these characters!

QUIDDITCH IS SO SHORT I don’t know if this is where the movies have affected my memory, but I was shocked by how short the Quidditch matches were. Like, a page or two max. And Harry can do no wrong, ha. He’s able to catch the snitch within seconds, boom, game over.

LOCKHART + COLIN CREEVEY + PEEVES YAY. UGH. YAY. Chamber of Secrets has some of the worst characters (Colin) and some of the funnest (Lockhart, Peeves.) I hate, hate Colin with a passion. Hate him to the point where Chamber of Secrets might be my least favorite book in the series, even though he was petrified for a good portion. Lockhart though…oh, Lockhart. He’s fabulous. And Kenneth Branagh was absolutely wonderful. I completely forgot all about the little song Peeves sang (oh, Potter, you rotter~) Why on earth was he cut from the movies??

ARAGOG Oops. In the initial recap, I mentioned that, while I forgot some of the minor details, the Big Pictures were still clear in my mind…and then mentioned how I knew for sure Aragog was introduced in Prisoner of Azkaban. Um. He’s not. He’s in this one. Whoops! Looks like my memory wasn’t so great as I had first thought! (Sorry, Hagrid ♥)

RECAPS As I’m going through these books I’ve noticed something: JKR does an absolutely fantastic job at recapping the story! Because I’ve been jumping right into the next book, these recaps are a little grating, but they would have done wonders while the books were still coming out. A year or two since the previous book and you can bet those recaps came in handy.

When I first announced I was starting Chamber of Secrets Matt, his aunt, and a few others immediately said they weren’t a fan of this one. At all. Matt said it felt as though this one didn’t really add to the overall story, that it was just kind of there. While I definitely agree it wasn’t as great as Sorcerer’s Stone, I’m not completely opposed to it as others are. It’s still a great story with great characters.

Operation Return to Hogwarts: Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer’s Stone
you are here! → Chamber of Secrets
Prisoner of Azkaban
Goblet of Fire
Order of the Phoenix
Half Blood Prince
Deathly Hallows

5 thoughts on “Operation Return to Hogwarts: Year Two

  1. I love me some Harry Potter, but Chamber of Secrets is probably my least favorite of the series. Collin and Peeves and Lockhart generally get on my nerves (although, I love the movie version of Lockhart). BUT! The last time I read Chamber of Secrets (last year or so), I enjoyed it immensely. Not quite sure what changed.

  2. I think Chamber of Secrets is one of my least favourites of the series…I also hated Order of the Phoenix because of Umbridge and how grumpy Harry is for the whole book, but I think I can appreciate the storyline of OOTP more than Chamber of Secrets. I liked how Ginny played a prominent role in Chamber of Secrets though!!

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