weekly wrap-up 9/6


Happy Sunday! I still haven’t properly introduced Baylor have I? Will definitely have to do so soon!

How was your week? Go anywhere exciting? Read anything good? It seems like the book community is nothing but Queen of Shadows (is it shadows? I don’t know what else QoS could stand for sorry!!) right now and I’m feeling like the only one who hasn’t read those books. whoops!

Nowhere Girl by Susan Strecker
With the new house and Baylor, I severely cut back on the books I’ve been requesting/accepting. I made an exception for this one and it sounds like such a Leah read (it doesn’t hurt that it’s from one of my favorite publishers!) Even in death the bond between twins isn’t broken and now, years later, the surviving sister is still searching for answers. Lately I’ve been going back to my roots with thriller-y crime novels and Nowhere Girl is perfect for me right now! Thank you, Thomas Dunne!

In Case You Missed It
While I don’t think this needs to be stretched into a trilogy I was immensely impressed with Hester Young’s The Gates of Evangeline in which a journalist is sent down to the Louisiana bayou to look into a 30-year-old cold case involving a wealthy plantation family. There’s a paranormal element I thought was fun, though I could have done without the tacked-on romance. Still, if you’re looking for a gritty novel that reads like true crime, this is the book for you!

Anyone who knows me knows I am ALL about historical fiction. Unfortunately, Laura Amy Schlitz’s The Hired Girl was so far off the mark and made me feel extremely uncomfortable, particularly when the main character decides to convert the Jewish family (who took her off the streets and into their home) to Christianity. And of course there’s a boy she all but throws her life away for. Nope. This one is just plain bad.

I know Lauren DeStefano is pretty popular with the YA crowd, but I found her new Middle Grade novel, A Curious Tale of the In-Between to be absolutely charming! A little girl has the ability to see ghosts and when she makes friends with a real boy she wants to use her ability to help him. It’s really wonderful and such a quick read – though I’d suggest younger readers would want a parent around due to some of the heavy subject matter.


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