weekly wrap-up 8/2: we bought a house!

Rise and shine! Happy, happy Sunday! Thank goodness for scheduled posts, because I haven’t been around at all this week – for a good portion of it I didn’t even have Internet! I’ve been keeping pretty quiet about the whole thing, but now that it’s over and done with I can finally announce: Matt & I are now homeowners! It’s still a bit surreal and this weekend we’ll be finishing up the move with the rest of our clothes and bigger furniture, so at this point it kind of feels like we’re on vacation and staying in a cabin ha! Gotta love living out of boxes :) (although I’m thrilled to say we’ve moved in our computer desks, so I’m no longer working like this.)

Naturally our first guest was Leo and he found lots of places to explore! A little known fact about me: I collect gnomes. Yesterday Matt woke up super early to surprise me with a new addition ♥

SO because I haven’t been around, what have I missed?? New books announced? New authors I should watch out for?? What’s been going on?!

Time flies and I still can’t get over that my youngest niece is now a big 4-year-old! :( :( Especially since facebook’s memory feature show me the photo I shared from the day she was born. NO. Stay little forever, Faye.

The Secret Daughter of the Tsar by Jennifer Laam
I was ecstatic when I was picked as the winner of Jennifer’s book in our #HistoricalFix chat! I’ve had my eye on this one for a while now and it comes recommended from friends, so yay! ♥ Thank you, Jennifer!

In Case You Missed It
J. Ryan Stradal’s Kitchens of the Great Midwest is a light-hearted, quick novel with a quirky format and ton of recipes added to further the story.

Pretty Baby is Mary Kubica’s second novel and boy was it a ride! I’m sad to say the ending didn’t work for me (though I’m positive other readers will be all over it!) but this one was incredibly addictive and ‘just one more chapter’ eventually turned into reading the book in a sitting.


4 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 8/2: we bought a house!

  1. Congratulations!! Owning a house is a lot of work but still so much fun. There is something so comforting in coming home at the end of a long day to a place you know is YOURS. Enjoy!

  2. Congrats! I remember that amazing feeling of sleeping in a home I actually owned for the first time. And definitely don’t allow your niece to grow up, mine is now 17 and even I get the eye roll and stomp off once in a while. She was such a fun little kid, always wanting to sit and read with me, or help out. Now she has the fastest texting thumbs in the world and only sits in the room where the grown ups aren’t sitting.

  3. CONGRATSSSSS!!! Many wishes for home always filled with happiness, laughter, and books :)

    Speaking of books, you’ll be posting pictures of your bookshelves and everything going up, right? (My FAVORITE part of moving, easily.)

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