looking back on June.

hill-top view from one of my runs. ♥

Is it just me or did June fly by? I suppose it helped that I’ve been on vacation half the month and that it’s been raining/storming for weeks. Matt hates it, but I love me some thunderstorms! The fact that I’m able to sit in my pjs all day and enjoy them is even better!

I feel like June was a pretty bleh month as far as reading goes – particularly after reading some pretty fantastic books in May (some will show up on my Top Reads of 2015 list tomorrow!)


Lori Roy’s Let Me Die in His Footsteps is Southern Gothic at its best. A haunting tale of a two-decade feud between two families, this one stretches between the 1930s to the ’50s and features the barest of whispers of something otherworldly. This book is a TOP READ of 2015 and one I’ve been recommending to everyone!

Enchanted August by Brenda Bowen is an easy, breezy summer read. It’s a modern take on The Enchanted April and while I enjoyed this one, it wasn’t nearly as wonderful as the original and readers of April might actually be a bit disappointed with the contemporary take. I’m all for retellings but there were entire conversations basically copied and pasted from the original novel.

The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell was a novel I had completely forgotten about until making this post…which is sad because I only read it two weeks ago. A man’s third wife is struck and killed by a bus one night and now he’s determined to find out what happened. Was it really just a random tragedy? Was Maya suicidal? Was she pushed? While I was certainly intrigued (especially once a strange and mysterious woman showed up – who was she??) the sitcom ending left me very disappointed. Massive spoilers in this review.

The Rules is SO over the top and insane that I’m craughing at how it took two people (Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie) to create. Under normal circumstances there’s no way I would touch this one, but it’s summer and I wanted something light and fluffy. It’s pitched as I Know What You Did Last Summer-meets-Saw and it’s definitely a B-movie/slasher flick in book form. There’s really no plot whatsoever, just a bunch of teens in the woods and they’re being offed one by one. There’s a budding rock band, teachers impregnating students, severed limbs, and a mountain lion.

I had such high hopes for Sascha Arango’s The Truth and Other Lies and it turned out to be one of the biggest letdowns this year. A world-renowned bestselling novelist has made his fortune by taking credit for the books his wife wrote. There’s an affair with his editor and multiple murders – whenever Henry gets bored with a woman his way of getting out of the relationship is to murder her. Spoiler warning for this one as well – I couldn’t help but get my frustrations out.

If you’re a fan of short stories or are curious about Rebecca Makkai, look no further than Music for Wartime. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the book as a whole, select stories really stood out for me and completely made the collection.

Trish Doller army, you’ve gained a new recruit! I devoured The Devil You Know and had a huge book hangover when I was finished. It actually led me to check out other YA novels/authors and if you know me, you know how big of a deal that is! Seriously, this was an excellent book and I’m eagerly looking forward to diving into her backlist.

I feel like I’ve been reading a lot of retellings and modernizations lately. Andi Teran’s Ana of California is a contemporary take on Anne of Green Gables and that alone sold me. While I enjoyed this book, I had some issues with it as a retelling. I think it would work far better as its own separate entity instead of a new take on Anne. I’ve got a giveaway going on for this one that’ll run through the end of this week!

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