do you give authors second chances?

This is more of a rambling of my thoughts than a full-fledged discussion post! You’ve been warned.

As my superior art skills show, I wasn’t too impressed with That Night, a novel that sounded great, but ended up being more about the author’s love of Orange is the New Black (HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW SEASON YET???) and had my eyes rolling on every page. In last week’s wrap-up I mentioned how the publicist got in touch with me after my review went live and we talked about that book for a bit. She then mentioned how Chevy’s latest was way better and kindly sent one my way.

I’ve been drawn into a great premise before, only to be horribly let down (hello, Matthew Pearl) so naturally I was a little hesitant, but I decided to trust this publicist (she’s introduced me to some AMAZING books) and, you know what? I’m really enjoying Those Girls!

So that led me to wonder: do you ever give an author a second chance? Last June I read Sarah Jio’s Goodnight June and thought it was awful. Later in the year I received a copy of The Look of Love and, while I haven’t been transformed into a Jio fan, I thought it was leagues better than my first experience. While I highly doubt I’ll read another Jio, I was pleasantly surprised by the difference between the two novels and was glad I gave her a second chance.

Authors like Paula Brackston and Kate Alcott are likely candidates for second chances, but some authors I will never go near again (Jonas Karlsson, Robin Constantine, Mary E. Pearson, etc.)

What makes you give an author another shot? An interesting premise? Praise from a trusted blogger? Sheer optimism?


9 thoughts on “do you give authors second chances?

  1. I’ve actually felt this way about series! The Kiss of Deception and The Winner’s Curse are two books that come to mind. I didn’t love them initially, but upon a reread and reading the sequel, I appreciate them a whole lot more. So yes, it’s happened that I didn’t particularly love something by an author but enjoyed the sequel!

    But stand-alones? I haven’t yet had a time where I read an author’s stand-alone, didn’t like it and decided to give another a shot. But never say never, right?

  2. I’m one of those weird people who will actually read books by authors I dislike. I do this for a variety of reasons. With Steinbeck, I keep doing this because I keep hoping I will eventually change my mind about his work (so far, I haven’t). With others, like Philippa Gregory and Diana Gabaldon, their books are just SO BAD that it is actually fun to read them. I groan and roll my eyes through their entirety but do so willingly and with glee because the entertainment value of their schmaltzy awfulness is just too high.

  3. I think I generally will give an author a second chance if someone suggests a book to me that they loved by the author, because let’s be honest – word of mouth is worth more than pretty covers and a great synopsis. So I think that is the only time I actually give an author a second chance.

  4. I do try to give an author another try after disliking a book, but only if they’ve written something I’m interested in, and also depending on the reason I didn’t like the original book. If the story or writing style just didn’t work for me, sure. But if I found the content offensive, probably not.

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