weekly wrap-up 6/14

What’s the work version of senioritis? My vacation starts Friday and KEYSMASH I JUST WANT IT TO BE HERE ALREADY. It’s so close. Three glorious weeks of a whole lotta nothing ♥

Friday kicked off my town’s Sewickley Reads Harper Lee event! A month-long Lee love-a-thon, complete with a viewing of To Kill a Mockingbird and discussions, all leading up to the release party for Go Set a Watchman. I’m beyond excited for this!! Have you read TKaM? Are you planning on reading it this summer? WILL IT BE YOUR FIRST TIME??

Those Girls by Chevy Stevens
My introduction to Ms. Stevens wasn’t exactly the greatest (though a lot of that is due to the audiobook narrator) and although it was an older title that I had grabbed from my library, the publicist reached out to me and we chatted for a bit about it, my likes/dislikes, etc. She mentioned she enjoyed Chevy’s upcoming title and I expressed an interested in it as well – she was awesome enough to send a copy my way and I honestly wasn’t expecting this at all! Those Girls focuses on the three Campbell sisters. Life on their ranch isn’t easy, and life with their abusive father is even worse. One night a fight gets out of hand and the girls are on the run. Things go from bad to worse and now, eighteen years later, they’re still trying to forget the past and move on with their new lives. …until one of the sisters goes missing. Thank you, St. Martin’s!!

The Sea Keeper’s Daughters by Lisa Wingate
This is the third in a series, but judging from the blurbs, they don’t necessarily need to be read in order (though characters from previous books make appearances.) Modern-day Roanoke Island, North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. A restaurant owner is desperate to save her business and going through the family heirlooms is her last chance to come up with the money, but what she finds changes everything. You know I love stories that mix the past and present and The Sea Keeper’s Daughters immediately caught my eye because of that (and maybe because it takes place on Roanoke Island!) Whitney’s discovery of an old necklace leads to unraveling a depression-era romance and I’m all starry-eyed! Thank you, Tyndale!!

Music for Wartime by Rebecca Makkai
Rebecca’s first two novels (The Borrower, The Hundred-Year House) have been on my radar for some time now, so when the publicist got in touch about her short story collection, I leapt at the chance to finally (finally!) discover this author. I’m actually really excited I received this collection: I’ve got a feature in the works that’s perfect for this book! The early reviews are excellent so far, and Makkai has been compared to Karen Russell, so I know I’m in good hands! Thank you, Viking!!

Decompression by Juli Zeh
I had never heard of this one until it appeared at my door a few days ago and I’m not surprised – it was originally published in Germany! That said, it’s won multiple awards (both the original and its English translation) so I’m pretty curious to see what all the fuss is about. Decompression is a psychological thriller likened to Patricia Highsmith and follows two couples caught in a web of jealousy and secrets. One couple runs a diving business, the other couple (a novelist and rising actress) shelled out some serious cash for a two-week diving course. Soon the couples are pitted against one another, no one is sure who to trust, manipulation abounds, and it all leads to a violent ending. Thank you, Vintage/Random House!!

In Case You Missed It
Lisa’s Jewell’s The Third Wife was a quick and enjoyable thriller that had me guessing until the end. Just who was this Jane? What was the real reason behind Maya’s death? Unfortunately, the sitcom ending left me wanting. That said, I enjoyed this one enough to where I’m still interested in reading her other work! Note: there are spoilers in this review!

History 101 is back!! After two years I’m thrilled to say my favorite feature has made a comeback! In this edition I talked about the mysterious 11-day disappearance of Agatha Christie – and to this day no one knows what really happened!

4 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 6/14

  1. I am excited to read Sea Keeper’s Daughters too, although I don’t have an ARC. Enjoy your vacation; 3 weeks in a row is amazing to be able to get off work.

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