weekly wrap-up 6/7

It’s here, it’s here, it’s almost heeere! Less than two weeks to go until my vacation starts and Jesus take the wheel because I don’t know if I’ll make it. Three weeks of sitting around doing nothing (basically the only difference between real life and vacation is that it’ll be pajama time 24/7)

Graduation week is upon us (did any of you graduate??) My youngest sister (the only one of us still in school omg!) is now a senior in high school WHAT. & my oldest niece kicked Kindergarten to the curb.

Last night Matt and I headed to my happy place: Soergel Orchard…only to get there at 6:02 and realize that on Saturdays they close at 6. WHOOPS! They were still serving ice cream until 10 though, and it was delicious. Kahlua Almond Amaretto for me, Parkerhouse for Matt. Delish. They also have a ton of animals there – so many were born over the winter! I met my new BFF Zippy ♥ He took the sting out of my jealousy at not being able to see Taylor Swift! She was in town last night and practically everyone I know (including Matt’s little sister ummm where was my ticket??) went to the concert.

Saving Grace by Jane Green
This one appeared at my door unsolicited, but it’s from St. Martin’s and I know by now to trust publicists because they know my tastes better than I do. I’ve never read a Jane Green novel before so I’m looking forward to this! On the surface they’re the perfect literary power couple. Behind closed doors however, the secrets come out. Thank you, St. Martin’s!!

Hooked on Ewe by Hannah Reed
If you know me, you know my love of cozies knows no bounds. When I was going through Berkley’s catalog this one + the following book caught my eye and I contacted the publisher. I honestly never imagined they’d reach out to me (especially since I’ve had bad luck with requesting physical ARCs of cozies in the past) but they both showed up one day and WHEE!!! Hooked on Ewe is the second in the Scottish Highlands series about an American expat (and romance novelist.) I am SO looking forward to diving into this one! Thank you, Berkley!!

Peaches and Scream by Susan Furlong
And the other novel I requested. This one is the first in a new series, A Georgia Peach Mystery. When a body is discovered in the orchard, a family’s farm is suddenly in jeopardy. This one has RECIPES and you know I’m all about that! I almost – ALMOST – threw aside my current read for this one when it arrived in the mail. SOON! Thank you, Berkley!!

In Case You Missed It
Let Me Die in His Footsteps by Lori Roy is a top read of 2015. Southern fiction, an ongoing feud between two families, the barest of hints of the paranormal. LOVED this one!

If you’re in the mood for a summery beach read, look no further than Brenda Bowen’s Enchanted August (which you’re probably sick of hearing me talk about by now!) This one is a modern take on Elizabeth von Arnim’s The Enchanted April and takes place on the New England coast instead of the original’s Mediterranean coast. In this updated version, four strangers rent a cottage in Maine for the month of August. Included in this post was a playlist created specifically for this novel and features some of my favorite bands!

May recap! Not only did I read a TON last month, but the books I read were great!


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