weekly wrap-up 5/31

Happy Sunday! Did any of you go to BEA? Did you have a blast?? My Instagram feed was blowing up with photos! :)

Although May was a great month I couldn’t be more excited to say so long – just a few more weeks until my vacation starts and I seriously need it bad. I’ll be free, free, free for three weeks and for a nice long weekend Matt and I will be headed to the cabin. Do you have any vacation plans for this summer?

The Thousand Names + The Shadow Throne (#1 & 2 of The Shadow Campaigns) by Django Wexler
You might remember how I recently fell hard for The Shadow of Elysium, a side story and my introduction to this series. Needless to say I immediately requested both books from my library and they’re here and WHEE! I am SO excited to dive right in – I’m planning on doing a binge session, reading them back-to-back (which I never do) and even tracking down all the side stories as well! You’ve certainly found a new fan, Mr. Wexler!

The Rules by Nancy Holder
I was surprised when this one showed up at my door unannounced – I don’t do a ton of Teen/YA reviews (if so I stick to Middle Grade) so when this one arrived unsolicited I was caught off guard. The only reason I know Holder’s name is because her Wicked series sells at my bookshop, but I couldn’t tell you a single thing about it. That said, The Rules sounds interesting – it’s pitched as a Saw-meets-I Know What You Did Last Summer type of thriller where the body count is high and everyone’s a suspect. The Rules sounds like pure brain fluff which is exactly what I look for in a summer read! Thank you, Delacorte!!

Superfluous Women by Carola Dunn
Before I begin with this one, I have a horrible confession to make – I’ve been a bookseller for years and this series has been ongoing for 21 years now…I only JUST NOW (as in when I was grabbing the GoodReads link) realized her name is not Carole, it’s Carola. Whoops! Sorry, Ms. Dunn!! Anywho, this is the 22nd book in the Daisy Dalrymple series but you guys know how I love to start my series late in the game! I fell in love with Aunt Dimity with book #20, so jumping in now to Daisy Dalrymple doesn’t intimidate me one bit. A cozy mystery that’s set in England in the 1920s – I am SO there! Thank you, Minotaur!!

In Case You Missed It
A few weeks ago I helped out with The Book of Life‘s paperback launch and held a massive giveaway. Monday I announced the winners. Congratulations again, ladies!

An Italian castle on the Mediterranean coast sounds like the perfect vacation and Elizabeth von Arnim’s classic The Enchanted April was just as wonderful as I had been expecting! Humor galore and fantastic characters makes this one a Must Read if you haven’t already! Included in this review was a giveaway for both The Enchanted April and its modern retelling Enchanted August (lovely as well – watch for my review next week!) and now it’s time to announce the winner!


Keeping with the 1920s, I enjoyed A Flying Affair by Carla Stewart, a novel with Jazz Age female pilots! Unfortunately a bit too much focus was placed on the horse farm/racing aspect and not enough of flying, but this was still a quick and entertaining read.

May’s unreviewed round-up features three novels I read this month but never got around to reviewing. My first Patrick Ness! A super cute and fluffy romance! & a total dud of a thriller.


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