Hold on to your hats, y’all, have I got a giveaway for you!! So you might have heard about this lady named Deborah Harkness and some books she’s written called the All Souls Trilogy. Totally indie, under-the-radar stuff, right? HA. So just in case you’ve been living under a rock the past four years let’s do a quick recap:

Historian (and witch!) Diana Bishop stumbled upon an ancient and powerful manuscript, found herself bound to a vampire, and set loose the underworld. There’s time travel to the reign of the Tudors and Queen Elizabeth, Venetian palaces, and a centuries-old mystery.

It’s no surprise at all that these books have won numerous awards and skyrocketed to the top of bestsellers charts. With the paperback release of The Book of Life, Viking was awesome and asked if I would like to help spread the word. OBVS! How could I pass up a chance to flail over historians and the supernatural duking it out?!

Before we get to the giveaways (yes, plural) I want to share a super cool Spotify playlist created by Deborah specifically for this book – The Civil Wars, Antony & the Johnsons, Florence + the Machine, Fleetwood Mac. Good, good stuff!


  • You must be at least 13 to enter
  • US only please!
  • You can win more than one giveaway – feel free to enter all three if you’d like!
  • Winners will be announced May 25 and will have 48 hours to respond to my email. If I don’t hear back after two days I’ll pick another winner.
All Souls alchemical buttons + A Book of Life mirror

To enter, fill out this form!
A signed copy of Diana’s commonplace book

To enter, fill out this form!

On Deb’s site, she discussed a little about what this book holds:

…a floorplan of the Old Lodge, snippets of poetry, some passages from a grimoire, astrological insights. It’s a mini-record of Diana’s few days in Woodstock before she and Matthew left for Sept-Tours and it’s accurate down to the splotches of ink, the faint traces of plants she pressed into the pages, and the color of the cover (the sticker is removable!). There are even blank pages, so you can put your own commonplaces in it, if you are lucky enough to receive one: notes of births and deaths, passages from favorite books, books you want to read. You’ll be walking in Diana’s footsteps when you do!

VERY cool!

And lastly, GIVEAWAY #3
A paperback copy of The Book of Life

To enter, fill out this form!

OKAY, let’s be real – how awesome is this?! I’ve been bouncing ever since I first got word of these giveaway items and now I can FINALLY share them with you guys! AAAHHHHH SO EXCITED. Have you read this series?? I own the first one – should I do a binge read while I’m on vacation??



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