weekly wrap-up 5/17

Happy Sunday! This past week was beyond crummy and tough – my aunt passed away and it’s been hard on everyone. If you had thought I wasn’t being very chatty or active here/twitter/goodreads that’s why. I’ve been pretty down these past few days and here’s to hoping next week looks brighter.

The highlight of my week for sure was yesterday’s dog parade! If you follow me on instagram you’ll see a picture I posted of probably my favorite dog there – he was dressed as a chia pet! It was a morning full of awesomeness: a quick pitstop at the farmer’s market (I grabbed the most amazing hummus – it has wasabi in it!) then a walk around town to see the dogs. There was also a 5K and OF COURSE my friend and I stopped at my favorite juice bar (seriously, it’s getting a little insane just how many photos of my juice I post on IG.) They now know me so SCORE!

The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim
I have a really exciting giveaway coming up next week for this novel + its modernized take. The Enchanted April was originally published in 1922 and tells the tale of four lonely/bored housewives who wind up renting a medieval Italian castle on the Mediterranean coast for the spring. I’m still pretty early on, but it’s just as lovely as it sounds and I’m looking forward to reading it back-to-back with Brenda Bowen’s Enchanted August, an upcoming release about a group of women who rent a cottage in Maine for the summer! Be on the lookout for this giveaway – summer reading at its finest! (Thank you, Penguin!!)

The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell
“For fans of Liane Moriarty and Jojo Moyes comes a riveting family drama with a dark mystery at its core..” Say no more, I’m sold! Back in 2013 I received an ARC of Before I Met You that might still need read (eep!) but is so up my alley it’s insane. In The Third Wife, a woman steps in front of a bus one morning and the rest of the novel surrounds her husband’s investigation into the cause a year later. Was it suicide? Was she pushed? Was it simply a horrible accident? I am ALL ABOUT psychological thrillers and am definitely looking forward to reading this! (Thank you, Atria!!)

The Flying Circus by Susan Crandall
Ms. Crandall first appeared on my radar with 2013’s Whistling Past the Graveyard and I couldn’t be more excited that she has a new book! You know those books that sound like they were written just for you? The Flying Circus is a total Leah read: 1920s. Bootlegging. The early days of aviation. A ragtag group (a farm boy, a wealthy young woman, and a WWI pilot) take a trip across America. I’m starry-eyed! (Thank you, Gallery Books!!)

In Case You Missed It
I hadn’t planned on reading Karen White’s The Sound of Glass, but I’m SO glad I did! A fun, quick contemporary with just the right amount of mystery to give it some weight. PERFECT for fans of Diane Chamberlain!

Calling it now: Jessica Knoll’s Luckiest Girl Alive will be THE book to read this summer! A woman with the perfect life and the lies she told to get there. A documentary set to tell the ‘true story’ about what happened that fateful night at her elite high school. The past she just can’t shake. Ani was witty and snarky – possibly one of my favorite characters this year! Keep an eye out for this one!

Two mini-reviews for a dud and a DNF. Both sounded fantastic, both let me down.

I normally avoid side stories, but something compelled me to read The Shadows of Elysium and now OMG I NEED MORE DJANGO WEXLER IN MY LIFE. I’m getting back to my epic fantasy roots with this one and I am SO looking forward to a binge read of these books during my vacation next month!


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