weekly wrap-up 4/12

It’s that time again! I don’t know about you guys, but this week flew by for me! I guess it didn’t hurt that spring finally came to the Burgh – temperatures in the high 60s/low 70s and it was glorious. Haaa I began doing my daily runs again this week and holy moley my legs want to die.

Because I’ve been spending so much time outside, my audiobook listens have been off the charts! I finally finished Big Little Lies (oh how I didn’t want to say good-bye!), got my Classic Christie fix with some Hercule Poirot, and am currently completely engrossed in Erik Larson’s Dead Wake. So good, guys. AND I received an e-mail from audible this morning announcing a 50% off your entire wishlist sale. Um let’s not tell Matt about this, okay? It’ll be our little secret!

I didn’t receive/buy any books this week, so tell me: what did YOU get this week? Are you into audiobooks??

In Case You Missed It
Shelley Gray’s Deception on Sable Hill surprised me – in a great way! It’s actually the second book in this series (set during the World’s Fair in Chicago!) and there’s a serial killer on the loose, targeting young debutantes. I had a great time with this one and plan on going back to read the first book!

Jan Moran’s Scent of Triumph should have been a novel I devoured. Unfortunately, I was reading just to read by the time I got halfway through. I didn’t care about the characters or their problems and the main character didn’t seem to care at all that her child was missing and stuck somewhere in Poland while she was living it up in California. Sure, the perfume angle was interesting, but I wouldn’t recommend this one to anyone.

I started the Aunt Dimity series with the twentieth book…and fell in love. Aunt Dimity & the Summer King was a ton of fun and pretty much stomped all over my preconceived notions. I’m all starry-eyed over this series now and plan on the mother of all binge-reads by going back and reading the first nineteen books!

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