#HistoricalFix Chat’s Big List o’ Recs!

March 31 saw the first of (hopefully!) many #HistoricalFix twitter chats. After the crazy success of last year’s #IShall chat, Erin Lindsay McCabe, author of I Shall Be Near to You, decided to make this a Thing, and, with Cassie’s and Ellice’s help, #HistoricalFix was born.

For one hour (officially – but we were all so caught up in the excitement it lasted for nearly another hour!) there was nothing but Historical Fiction talk. Favorite authors, the books that introduced you to the genre, that one moment in time you’d love to see novelized. There were giveaways, new friendships were formed (hi, new twitter buddies!), and just all around awesomeness and flailing. I think my capslock key was permanently stuck the entire chat. WHOOPS.

Throughout the night computers crashed and froze and, at times – okay, so basically the entire time – twitter was in a tailspin and the moment you replied to one tweet there were ten more waiting for you. Because of this, a lot of chatters missed the constant stream of recs. Once the chat was over, I volunteered to step up and put together a list! A NOTE THOUGH: I can’t guarantee this is 100% complete. Throughout the night I was working on going through the chat, only to remember one or two later on that I didn’t catch. If there’s one I missed, please let me know!

Just as Hannah did with the recommendations from the #IShall chat, I’ve also compiled a list on GoodReads! Another note: if a series was mentioned, I only added the first book!


There were a few authors whose works were mentioned as a whole, instead of select novels. I didn’t feel qualified to choose a book from each author (especially when my bias would come into play!), but if you’d like to add to the list, please do! Those authors are:

  • Wolf Hall
  • American Experience: Influenza 1918
  • The House of Elliot
  • Bletchley Circle

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