March 2015 Recap

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Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule by Jennifer Chiaverini
Y’all know Civil War fiction makes my heart skip a beat. This novel follows Julia Dent (later Grant) and a slave, Jule. Though the pair were inseparable as children, war and unrest drove a wedge between the two, and by the time Jule made her escape, they were all but strangers. As much as I enjoyed this one, and I truly did enjoy it, the ending left me wanting more. I felt the story had been building up and hinting at a reunion between the two now-elderly women – Jule herself even mentioned it multiple times! – but it never came to fruition.

Nightbird by Alice Hoffman
Although this Middle Grade venture was bursting with charm and whimsy, there were moments where I felt this was definitely a children’s book written specifically for adults to enjoy.

7 Reasons YOU Should be Reading Seraphina & Shadow Scale
Rachel Hartman did a number on me with these two books and I departed from my usual review format. I rarely read series back-to-back or all in one go, but I just couldn’t get enough of Seraphina and her world. Dragons, the world-building and maps are just a few examples of what makes these books so darn great.

#HailToTheKing: Rage
My second book for our ongoing Hail to the King challenge. Unfortunately, this short novella was a dud – the horror master failed me with this one.

#ReRead2015: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
I think the world of Roald Dahl and revisiting his novels is something I do fairly often, though it had been years since I revisited Charlie. Naturally it was just as lovely as I had remembered and I was delighted by the tiny details I had forgotten about!

Harrison Squared by Daryl Gregory
Gregory tries his hand of Young Adult with this Lovecraftian tribute, complete with sea monsters and a creepy cult.

At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen
What should have been an exciting and fun read – WWII, the hunt for the Loch Ness monster – fell flat. The main character’s love life took the forefront, Nessie was oddly absent, and storylines that were introduced were suspiciously dropped or forgotten about.

weekly wrap-up 3/1: BRANDON SANDERSON! Erik Larson! Historical Middle Grade!
weekly wrap-up 3/8: Orchards! Underground Railroad historical fiction! Sesame Street marshmallows!
weekly wrap-up 3/15: the Ides of March! Childhood favorites! 1930s Southern fiction!
weekly wrap-up 3/22: blue covers! JOJO MOYES! WWII fiction!
weekly wrap-up 3/29: A book that made me legit shriek in delight when I opened the package! A novel that sounds like the PERFECT Leah read! Diving deeper into audiobooks!

GoodReads Recommends: Contemporary Thrillers
I’ve been on a Thriller kick for a while now and thanks to GoodReads, basically all of these are now on my To Read list!

February 2015 Recap
A disappointing number of duds and just okay books but also TWO Top Reads of 2015!

Jojo Moyes giveaway!
This giveaway has since ended but if you haven’t read One Plus One already, it’s now out in paperback. GO BUY IT.


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  1. I was wondering how the new Sara Gruen book was… I didn’t like that one that was popular several years back (something about elephants?), but thought maybe I should give her another shot. Hmm.

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