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GoodReads Recommends: Contemporary Thrillers!

It’s time for another round of GoodReads Recommends, a semi-regular feature where I highlight books GoodReads suggests on their recommendations page based on other books I’ve read/shelved. FUN STUFF.

At the moment I’m on a Thriller kick. Last summer’s Dear Daughter was such a great read and I’ve since recommended it to multiple friends. Then, earlier in the month, I received a copy of Luckiest Girl Alive which I’ve already read and loved (keep an eye out for my review in May!) I’ve been craving something similar, a good ol’ fashioned suspense novel, something I can sink into on a lazy afternoon. I’m currently listening to my very first Liane Moriarty (!!!) and oh my gosh it’s so good. So, yeah, I am ALL about Thrillers right now.

I Love You More by Jennifer Murphy
“One man. Three wives. The perfect murder.” Picasso is 12 when her father is murdered and her mother is the prime suspect…until police discover his second wife…and the his third. These women claim they have never met but Picasso knows the truth. One of the wives is pregnant with Oliver’s fourth child, another wife showed up at the house carrying the same purse as Picasso’s mother. Jealousy and revenge are the driving force behind this novel and I almost grabbed this one on audible before deciding on Big Little Lies.

The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford
Dana was the last person to see her neighbor alive. Suffering from bipolar disorder, Dana sometimes finds she has holes in her memory, including just what happened the afternoon she last saw Celia. The evidence starts to point to Dana and she begins to wonder if she really did murder her friend…or is there a killer in their neighborhood? I try to avoid comparisons, but this one is likened to two novels I desperately want to read: The Silent Wife and Before I Go to Sleep. Also, Dear Daughter has a similar plot in that Janie isn’t sure if she actually was the one to kill her mother.

The Butcher by Jennifer Hillier
After a string of terrible and gruesome murder, the Beacon Hill Butcher was finally tracked down and killed. Now, thirty years later, the cop responsible for the Butcher’s death has retired and has given his Victorian house to his grandson. As Matt begins renovating the house he comes across a locked crate and uncovers dark family secrets. His girlfriend Sam fares little better: her mother was murdered and despite the crime taking place two years after the Butcher’s death, she’s convinced he did it. This one definitely sounds like something I’d enjoy, those the reviews are super polarizing – and the consensus seems to be that Hillier’s other works are better.

The First Wife by Erica Spindler
After marrying her knight in shining armor, a woman discovers his first wife disappeared under mysterious circumstances. On a trip to Logan’s sprawling estate in Lousiana, Bailey’s perfect world begins to crumble. Rumors surrounding the first wife, talk of other woman in the area who disappeared, and now another woman who has gone missing. Bailey begins to realize how little she knows about her husband. OH I LOVE DARK SECRETS and this one sounds fantastic. Also, it features a guilty pleasure of mine: a status difference. Logan is from the upper crust while Bailey is working class all the way.

The Bullet by Mary Louise Kelly
A French literature professor is shocked to discover a bullet is lodged near the base of her skull. She has never been shot – how did it get there?? Initially her parents are confused as well until they finally tell her the truth: Caroline was adopted when she was three after her parents were murdered. A stray bullet had found its way into Caroline’s neck and the doctor’s simply stitched up the wound.Thirty-four years later Caroline wants answers about a life she never knew. She heads to her hometown only to discover the case has gone cold, there were no suspects, no one charged. There was never any evidence…until now. The bullet in Caroline’s neck could finally prove who murdered her parents. Okay, so admittedly this sound a little far-fetched, but it also sounds deliciously fast-paced and exciting!

Before He Finds Her by Michael Kardos
One a Sunday evening in September 1991, Ramsey Miller threw a block party and murdered his wife and daughter. What everyone doesn’t know is that the daughter is still alive. Now eighteen and living as Melanie Denison, she has spent the last fifteen years in the Witness Protection Program. Never allowed to attend school dances, travel, or even have Internet at her house, Melanie finally has had enough. Tired of following such strict rules, she rebels, starting up a relationship with a teacher and now, ten week pregnant, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She doesn’t want her child to grow up sheltered and hidden away, so she returns home to track down her father…unless he finds her first. Okay, so this one is even more far-fetched than The Bullet (because of course the one thing you should be doing while pregnant is tracking down a murderer!) but it’s received great reviews!


Where They Found Her by Kimberly McCreight
The body of an infant is discovered, but no one knows who she is or how her body ended up in the wood’s near the university’s campus. Molly, a freelance journalist, is tasked with covering the story and what is uncovers is more than she bargained for. Ridgedale has some serious skeletons in its closet, including a string of unreported assaults that go back decades. Cassie first brought this one to my attention and we’re usually SPOT ON with our tastes. This could totally be an episode of Law & Order.

Those Girls by Chevy Stevens
The three Campbell sisters know to keep their heads down and avoid their father’s fists. One night, however, a fight gets out of hand and the sisters know they need to get out now. When their truck breaks down in a small town, they find themselves in an even worse situation, ultimately deciding the only way to stay safe would be to adopt new identities. Eighteen years later their past catches up to them and they have nowhere left to run. EEEEE!! Chevy Stevens is another author whose works I almost grabbed on audible. Her stuff sounds GREAT and there were so many GR rec’d that I wanted to include here!

Do you like Thrillers?? What are some of your favorites?

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