weekly wrap-up 3/1: the one with ALL the books

ADIOS, FEBRUARY! It felt like it would never end, but March is finally here! Of course we got a huge snowstorm overnight and we’re expected to get a few more inches today (ugh) but I received a TON of books this week so Sunday isn’t looking too shabby after all!

Dead Wake by Erik Larson
I legit shrieked when I saw this one at my door – before I started blogging I discovered Larson’s Devil in the White City (and even did a History 101 post about H. H. Holmes.) Dead Wake is his latest and explores the sinking of the Lusitania, German U-boats, the first female architect, and an ultra-secret British intelligence operation. I’m beyond excited to get into this one – if you’re someone who’s hesitant to pick up non-fiction, check out Erik Larson. You’ll honestly forget you’re reading a true story; he’s so talented you’ll feel you’re reading a work of fiction. Thank you, Crown!!

The Silver Witch by Paula Brackston
Dual eras (present day and Celtic times) and disturbing visions connect two women – a widow grieving her husband’s death and a witch. Last year I had received a copy of Brackston’s The Midnight Witch but never got around to it, though I’m pretty sure these are standalones. Y’all know I love me some dual eras and the added bonus of paranormal is sure to be fun! Thank you, Thomas Dunne Books!!

Small Mercies by Eddie Joyce
I love it when lawyers turn to writing novels (Steve Berry is one of my all-time favorites). Small Mercies is Joyce’s debut and follows a family as they try to make peace with their son’s death. Family drama to the MAX here, plus it’s from Viking. Yep, this one is looking great already! Thank you, Viking!!

The Poser by Jacob Rubin
Another debut!! This one follows a master impressionist, a man who can pretty much see into the very soul of a person, find out what makes her her, and flawlessly imitate her. His gift leads him to stardom…and to the one person he can’t become. This is a tiny little story, but it certainly sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Thank you, Viking!!

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll
A public humiliation at her elite school left Ani desperate for a new identity. Now she has an amazing job, the chicest clothes, and the perfect fiance. …but Ani also has a secret. In reinventing herself, she buried something from her past, something that threatens to come back and ruin everything she’s created. Okay, I’m SO PUMPED for this one. It sort of reminds me a bit of Elizabeth Little’s Dear Daughter (drop everything and READ THAT BOOK if you haven’t already!) When I opened this package, three letters fell out: one from the author and two from different publicists. Their excitement is contagious: this one doesn’t come out until May, but you can bet I’ll be reading it before then…like maybe bumping it to the top of my stack I’m that excited! Thank you, Simon & Schuster!!

Wonder at the Edge of the World by Nicole Helget
1850s Kansas. A main character who wants to become the first female scientist/explorer on the nineteenth century. Antarctica. That’s all I need to know about this book. OH I AM SO THERE! Thank you, Little, Brown!!

Steelheart + Firefight (Reckoners 1 & 2) by Brandon Sanderson
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously think I scared Matt with all the screaming and shrieking and jumping around I did when I opened this!! OH MY GOSH YES. The sad thing is, there was nothing that said where this came from! THANK YOU, you lovely person, and thank you, Delacorte!!

Have you read any of these? What did you think? What did YOU get this week??

In Case You Missed It
Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula is seriously the CUTEST graphic novel ever. The Princess of the Underworld and the kingdom’s new head chef’s story of friendship (and maybe more ♥?) is adorable and sweet and the art is simply wonderful.

Two Mini-Reviews: A DNF and a Dud Unfortunately, my streak seems to have peaked. Totally in the minority here, but The Girl on the Train did nothing for me – SORRY GUYS! I honestly wanted to love it! I also talk about an upcoming Middle Grade release that I abandoned early.

5 thoughts on “weekly wrap-up 3/1: the one with ALL the books

  1. I’ve entered to win Luckiest Girl Alive on Goodreads, but I’ll get it even if I don’t win. I knowits shallow, but I really want to read The Poser because the retro cover really appeals to me. Enjoy your books. We’re in the middle of another 4-6″ in Boston tonight, and more coming Wednesday. I’m a little fed up!

  2. Hm, definitely interested in your thoughts on either of the Paula Brackston books. I read her book The Witch’s Daughter and I absolutely hated it. Her books have such nice covers and plots that I’ve always been tempted, but too afraid to pick them up. I think the book I read may have been her debut though, so maybe the others improved? Well, I’m curious to see what you think.

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