January 2015 recap!

Scotland looks lovely, no?

SO LONG, JANUARY! It was actually a fantastic month for reading, but ugh winter. Just gotta get through February (I’m taking a few weeks off – I’m not leaving my house for anything) and we’ll be smooth sailing into Spring! I’m just hoping all the productivity I had this month will carry over into the next..

#hailtotheking: Revival
I couldn’t wait for 2015 to roll around – I knew what I wanted my first book of the year to be and, let me tell you, it was worth the wait! I read this 400+-page novel is A SITTING and when it was over I felt emotionally and mentally drained. Bravo, Mr. King!
The Beekeeper’s Son by Kelly Irwin
My foray into Amish fiction was just okay. Decent. Passable. I preferred the bee/beekeeping talk far more than the story itself.
West of Sunset by Stewart O’Nan
I’m on an O’Nan kick and it’s all because of this book. F. Scott Fitzgerald is hoping to find success in Hollywood as a screenwriter. Zelda is in an asylum. There was little to be happy about in this book but I loved every moment. Also: Papa Hemingway. This is a novel I’ve already recommended to multiple people and it’s one that I’ll be pushing all throughout the year.
In Some Other World, MAybe by Shari Goldhagen
A beautiful cover with an even lovelier story inside. The paths of a group of teens intersect over the next few decades and it was a delight watching them grow. That a girl in Chicago could believable meet a boy from Florida was a testament to Goldhagen’s skill as a writer. This wasn’t an especially happy novel, but it was one that came around at the right time and I tore through it.
Mobile Library by David Whitehouse
While reading I was convinced this would become one of my hidden gems. The moment I finished, however, the story left my thoughts. Mobile Library was an enjoyable story while it lasted, but didn’t make a lasting impression.
Lost & Found by Brooke Davis
Now, THIS, on the other hand, is a novel that will stick with me for a while. Brooke wrote Lost & Found as her PhD thesis on grief, so be warned that this isn’t a happy, sunshiney story. It is gorgeous, however, with absolutely wonderful characters.
Unbecoming by Rebecca Scherm
An art heist gone wrong and the fallout. Though this one turned out to be more of a character study than the thriller I had anticipated, it was still enjoyable and the psychological aspect was great.
The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon
The biggest disappointment of 2015, calling it now. I didn’t even finish this one.
#ReRead2015: Pioneer Girl
To coincide with the paperback release and the giveaway, I dove back into the world of Pioneer Girl. It was just as lovely as I had remembered and this is definitely a novel to check out if your childhood revolved around the Little House on the Prairie books!

#hailtotheking kicked off! The year-long Stephen King challenge is underway and I am pumped!
weekly wrap-up 1/4: December recap!
weekly wrap-up 1/11: Polar Vortex: the sequel! Royal Diaries! Catching up with series!
weekly wrap-up 1/18: 1950s YA historical fantasy!
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GoodReads Recommends: novels based on Glow
I had such fantastic luck with the first round of GR Recs. Unfortunately, this time around I was recommended books that fell more along the chick-lit lines rather than Southern family saga.
Happy Birthday, Poe!
Everyone’s favorite forlorn writer turned 206 this month.
Giveaway time: Pioneer Girl


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